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MOBAFire Ventrilo Server

Creator: Scrax June 24, 2011 5:39am

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Jul 29th, 2010
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Welcome to the official Ventrilo Server! This server is free and open to all, sponsored by and administrated by myself. Please read through this entire post before connecting, and otherwise... Enjoy!

Connection Information

Port: 29086

Max slots: 75

How to Connect

I just want to drop some rules on you all while I have your attention:

  • Do not fake your rank. We will know.
  • Do not channel or mic spam.
  • Racism is not tolerated at ANY level, and will get you instantly and permanently banned.
  • Do not link porn in your comment, in the chat, or anywhere else.
  • Do not link to content that is in any way hazardous to a computer (e.g virus', adware, malware).
  • Do not scream and swear in a furious rage.
  • General rules of behavior applies at all times. It shouldn't be that hard! :)

Rank explanations:

  • Admin/Custom title
    - Your basic administrator. Has access to every single command available. They are also the only users who can have custom titles (e.g hypershatters 1337king title).
  • Mod
    - Works much like the server police. Can kick and move.
  • Veteran
    - Vanity title given to the Veterans on MOBAFire.
  • Regular
    - Rank that registered users get. Has the ability to record chat sessions.
  • Guest
    - Default rank set when logging on. Can't record.

How to Normalize Ventrilo by Xaioli

Tired of X person being too loud, or N person being too low? Just normalize your Ventrilo to avoid any future ear-bleeds or the need to turn someone's volume up!

  • 1) Go to Setup
  • 2) Enable "Use Direct Sound" (It's a check-box in the upper-right)
  • 3) Click the SFX button
  • 4) Select 'Compressor' and click 'Add'
  • 5) Under 'Compressor Properties' use the following settings:
    - Gain = Adjust for how loud you want people to be, so find your own softspot (I use 15)
    - Attack = 0.01
    - Release = Around 500
    - Threshold = Around -30
    - Ratio = 100
    - Pre delay = 4.0
  • 6) DONE!

If you feel something is missing in this thread, or need any help, feel free to PM me.

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