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Something really weird is going on with my...

Creator: Amberdragon February 20, 2024 3:53pm
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Jun 1st, 2021
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So this is specifically about my Xayah and Kai'sa guides. For the Xayah guide, it has held a score of 10 consistently for quite some time - that is until today. Today I saw it had gone to 8.9, and immediately after that it went to 8.6. I then refreshed the page again and it went to 8.3.
I was like well, did I mess up something with her build and didn't notice? I went looking for it and saw nothing different going around. I had also checked it about 2 days ago at most and it was 10.

As I wrote this post I decided to check on my Kai'sa guide, which just I just updated. It has also held a score of 10 for many months now, and today after I updated it, it suddenly went down to 9.2 (as of me writing this). Before I updated it had 569 positive votes and 37 negative ones. In the matter of less than 10 minutes it went to 40 negative votes.

This is definitely not normal, it has never happened with ANY of my guides in 2 years.
Either someone is sabotaging my score or I'm missing something? lol
<Lead Community Manager>
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Apr 15th, 2014
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Hey @ Amberdragon!

Your Xayah and Kai'sa guides are both pretty old, having been published in 2021. Over time, older votes lose their weight into the scoring calculation, as they no longer reflect the current state of the guide. In order to keep a high score, your guide must gain more fresh upvotes. 😁

As for the negative votes, you're correct, there's been a wave of malicious users that downvoted a high number of guides. All of these votes have been removed yesterday and the scores should go back to normal soon.

I hope this helps!

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