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What is a Veteran? How do I become one?

Creator: Nighthawk January 20, 2012 8:02am

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Dec 7th, 2010
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Veteran status is a reward for our most loyal users. The Veteran title is given to users that have been active on the site while they are here. They often have a high level of contribution, have a positive effect on the community, and communicate with us often through the forums or directly.

To become a Veteran, just use the site! If you get involved enough in the day to day on MOBAFire, we will take notice. Every now and then we will be looking at our most dedicated users and giving out promotions. If you need a more specific path to head down in order to become a Vet, focus on your reputation score. Do things that will get you +Rep and you will eventually get promoted!

Note that Veterans DO NOT achieve their status by:
  • Being a top ELO player.
  • Having the highest rated guides.
  • Having a high post count.
  • Asking to be vets.

    So what good is being a Vet? Let me tell you! Veteran status currently brings the following rewards:
    • Special <Veteran> title and rank (green highlight) on your name.
    • Access to a private set of forums to discuss things openly and directly with the Admins and Moderators.
    • Early access to certain site features.
    • Ability to endorse guides to give them a special icon in lists, to help them get more attention.
    • Other occasional bonuses and perks!

      More rewards will come as we build out the site.

      Presently the only ranks on the site are Editor (off white), Scout (orange), Veteran (green), Moderator (blue) and Administrator (red). Administrators are the site's founders and we will not be promoting anyone else to Administrator, that is basically set in stone :) Also note that rank is separate of title. We will have vanity titles in the future, for fun. You can always look at the color of the user's name to determine their rank, even if their title changes.

      A quick lowdown on what powers each rank has (and to a degree their purpose).

      Editor: Take care of the database! Editor's have the power to change and update the database for each champion. Most editors strive to keep each champion up to date! (powers are shared with Scout, Veteran, Moderator, & Admin). They also have their own forum which is only visible to editor's for discussion about the database.
      Scout: Scouts are the promoters of Mobafire guides, they look for guides which have a high standard and add a scout point to that guide. When a guide gets enough scout points, it is featured on the front page! Many scouts are very active in looking for wonderful guides! They also have their own forum where they can discuss guides! (Powers shared with Veteran, Mod, Admin)
      Veteran: Veteran's are very loyal members of Mobafire! They don't specialise in one thing, but are often found doing many things like updating the database or reviewing guides! They have their own forum where they discuss practically anything and get in touch with the mods & admins!
      Moderator: The moderators are the most loyal of Mobafire users who have the power to lock, archive, delete, move and unarchive posts, guides, and threads! Mod's are often found 'patrolling' the forum and making sure all members don't break the rules! (Powers shared with Admin)
      Admin's: The site creators and the people who Mobafire couldn't live without! The admin's are responsible for the daily upkeep of the Site, and are responsible for the coding in the forums! They have a huge job and we should be very thankful as they are very busy with implementing new forum features whenever they can!

      I figured I should create this since the old one was locked and offtopic, and also not updated.

      This information can also be found on the Credits page!

      If you have any questions, feel free to PM me :)