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2k Elo Player offers to Mentor everybody who...

Creator: R4idenZero December 24, 2012 11:46am
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Jan 17th, 2013
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IGN: NobleMercenary
Level: 30
Server: North America

I am level thirty and joined a ranked team with a few friends froms school but every game I play with them, I do heroically awful. I am not sure if I am not ready to play ranked or not. Any kind of help would be wonderful.
-NA- Veng Lmfao
<Altruistic Artist>
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Jul 21st, 2012
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IGN: Veng Lmfao
Level: 30
Server: North America

Hey! I'm an *ex* jungle main & looking towards maining support throughout S3. Would love to just improve my general skills as a support. Add me when you get the time! Thanks!
Rottenwayz's Forum Avatar
Jan 23rd, 2013
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I'm looking to break into the ranked scene..i've done a few game swith friends but they are ragers and quit after 1 or 2 games...I'm on NA so i don't know if thats a problem but here's hoping it's not....also i play ADC and AP/AS..and Anti tank like VI...any help would be great...also not sure what IGN means but my name in LoL on NA is Rottenwayz
Phonesified's Forum Avatar
Oct 1st, 2010
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IGN: Phonesified/30/NA

I'm not new to League, but I would definitely love to learn.
edit: I find Support to be quite interesting and I also enjoy being top.
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