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Almost level 14 now....

Creator: Wraken April 19, 2012 10:42am
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Aug 17th, 2010
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If you have an issue with people raging, don't ever try to jungle lol. Top lane loses? Jungles fault. Bot lane dies to a gank? jungles fault. Your team loses game? Jungles fault. You score 22-4-9 and still lose while in the jungle role? It's your fault.

If there was like a subtitle for solo que this would be it cause this will happen to every jungler.

For dealing with the ragers, until you hit 30 (which i assume you havent) you have to think of everyone that you aren't queing with as absolute idiots because it is entirely possible that whoever is raging at you has no idea how to play the game, don't even know what abilities the person you are laning against has or what they do, so they could be raging with no reason or knowledge of what to be raging about.

However even at 30 there are ragers so here are the 2 ways that I have found to handle it. Don't a thing in chat. No apologies, compliments if someone gets a kill or whatever, act as if your key board only works for hitting qwer. The other way is if they are really really pissing you off take everything they do and pick it apart and throw it back at them. While I recommend just ignoring them hey some games you just gotta let them have it.
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