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An Odd Position

Creator: SuperfluousDPS March 6, 2011 5:02pm
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Mar 6th, 2011
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So, I started playing the game a few weeks ago, and have managed to muddle my way to level 21. However, I am encountering a major problem now that I've entered the higher level bracket: I suck at the game. Badly.

I did a lot (A LOT) of Bot games while leveling to try out various champions without inflicting my suck/unfamiliarity on random strangers, but the Bot AI does little to make you a better player against real opponents. Now that I've entered the level bracket that contains level 30s, I find myself getting rolled time and again due to my (relative) inexperience with actual players.

The result is, I know most of the champions well, but my map awareness/practical last hitting/strategy is cripplingly weak. And every game I join to try to get better at things people get ticked off due to me being bad.

To top it off, I really enjoy the game, so I was looking at buying the champion packs... at which point I found out that I had wasted a goodly amount of IP on characters that are rolled into the pack, and am thus short IP for level-appropriate runes, further exacerbating my weaknesses.

Since I intend to buy the Champion Packs, I was wondering if it would be best to create a new level 1 account and buy the Champion packs there, then re-level through actual gameplay now that I don't really need to use the Bot games to familiarize myself. Ideally this would let me face more people at my skill level and get more experience with actual games before running into the 30s. It would also let me not screw up and just save my IP for level 20 runes so that I'm appropriately powered at that level.

It's a decent time investment to level back to 20+, so I wanted to see if anyone has any advice one way or the other.
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Nov 7th, 2010
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I think making a new account is very unnecessary. You can always make just as much IP on your same account for the runes. As far as improving yourself goes...

Make sure you know these things:

I also have a general FAQ for the game in my builds (click on my name and go to my builds) if you want to look at that. It is very basic but I provide links for more in depth resources in there too. It sounds like my first link would help you more though.

Join vent (info in the off topic section) ask questions, practice, get better. Map awareness is something you have to learn. Think of it as your rearview mirror in your car. Glance at the minimap every few seconds to see if things have changed or anything's happening.

Also, this game is full of ragers, don't worry too much about them! :)

Also, in another sense, you may be ahead of the curve as far as knowledge of different champs go. A lot of players just stick to 1 or 2 champs and therefore can't predict the enemy's actions as well.
Jebus McAzn
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Sep 30th, 2010
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It depends on whether you'd be willing to grind a bit at level 21 to earn your IP for runes, meaning a few potential losses, etc, or whether you'd be willing to start all over and grind all the way back.

TBH, while runes are important, they don't necessarily mean you'll automatically lose a game. I recommend having friends, or even MOBAFire people teach you more. Watch TreeEskimo's streams, practice your fundamentals. Every game you lose is something you learn to improve. Starting over at level 1 and gaming with other level 1-20 people won't necessarily teach you that - however, it WILL improve your record and will allow you to test a lot more champions.

Your choice.
Joobieo#41288's Forum Avatar
Feb 5th, 2011
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The key is don't feed and play smart.

Either you want to smurf ( is the term ) your way to a better record or grind out of the slump your in.
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Sep 22nd, 2010
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If you're afraid your aren't up to par with your peers in terms of level, you can always just start up some custom games. Create a room for practice, new heroes or new players in general(may not work since you're 30 after all) but indeed, customs and inhouses with people who understand what position your in will save you a great deal of struggle
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Mar 6th, 2011
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Have you any "friends" on this account?

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