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Jebus McAzn
Corki, Amumu, Irelia


Real Matt Damon
May 31st, 2011


Hey, guys. I'm Jebus McAzn, a moderator on MOBAFire, and I've been playing LoL since June 2010. I play on the NA server, and peaked at Platinum I during Season 3 while hitting Diamond V during the preseason. As of March 15th, 2014, I am sitting at Platinum V.

Outside of LoL, I used to be a member of the TCGPlayer forums and am currently a member on Smogon, although I mainly just lurk the off-topic threads. I am a large part of the /r/leagueoflegends subreddit, and am responsible for posting the preview and discussion threads for any and all OGN games. I am a writer for eSports Central, focused mainly on the Korean circuit, although I do follow most competitive scenes around the globe.

Ask me anywhere about anything and I'll give an honest, and hopefully helpful answer.
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