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Buy champions or save up for rune pages?

Creator: Musher1993 November 6, 2011 4:58am
Joobieo#41288's Forum Avatar
Feb 5th, 2011
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Buy the basic AP, AD, Tank runes.

Then buy champions.

From there once you start playing ranked you'll need to be more diverse in your runes.
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Apr 18th, 2011
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Periphetes wrote:

I'm gonna have to say runes, but with an exception clause that you should get some really strong champions if you don't have them. Like, if you're stuck with nunu, annie, ashe, poppy etc (cheap ones) I would say finish your pen marks and quints then buy 1-2 strong 6300 champions before finishing off seals/glyphs.

Ah... You do realize price has actually very little to do with champion strength? Nunu, annie, ashe, and poppy are all 450 champions who can easily beat up champions much more expensive than them. Tryndamere and Kayle have two of the strongest ults in the game, and they're cheap. I could make a list, but my point is that more expensive does not mean better.
TheJohn's Forum Avatar
Jan 25th, 2011
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I saved my IP, bought tank runes (my main is Mordekaiser) and got two 3150 champions (Jax and Cho'Gath (cho was 3150)).

Now I dont buy runes anymore, I use those tank runes on all champions, but thats the way I like to play, not the most recommended, still the one I like.
DuffTime's Forum Avatar
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Oct 31st, 2010
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Get one or two champs you really like and fill out a page or two of runes :)

Also price has -nothing- to do with champion strength AT ALL.

If that were the case Olaf would cost 15k RP.
iBradlee's Forum Avatar
Aug 11th, 2011
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DuffTime wrote:

Also price has -nothing- to do with champion strength AT ALL.

If that were the case Olaf would cost 15k RP.

True dat.

Was gonna post something saying the same, after somebody mentioned buying "1 or 2 STRONG 6300 champs", but forgot.

There ARE lots of very good 6300 champions, but the same can be said for any IP-range. Price has absolutely nothing to do with how strong a champion is.
Mastarwe's Forum Avatar
Dec 22nd, 2010
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iBradlee wrote:

If you've got around 10 champions, I'd say DEFINITELY start working on your rune pages. Obviously you won't be able to fill them out completely, but getting a good head-start is never a bad idea.

For example, my first very basic rune purchases:

Greater Mark of Desolation x9 (For basic AD)
Greater Mark of Insight x9 (For basic AP)
Greater Seal of Resilience x9 (Used for both basic AD, and AP)
Greater Glyph of Shielding x9 (Used for both basic AD, and AP)
Greater Quint. of Desolation (For basic AD)
Greater Quint. of Potency (For basic AP)

For most champions the HP quints are also very nice, HP is such a general stat that they are worth it, since all champions can use them.
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ayyah's Forum Avatar
Sep 21st, 2011
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Runes, they help you even more to get easier kills.
esperz1nski's Forum Avatar
Nov 14th, 2011
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The fact you bought 11 heroes before playing with one of them with a full rune "page" is insanity in my perspective. You are going to realize how important runes are, and regret cashing out on so many heroes. I think T3 runes aren't that bad, not that much more than T2.

Find two players you are buds with and start a 3vs3 team. Use skype or vent if you want to communicate more and much easier.

Work on your basic strategy and always use the same heroes. Once you do this for awhile, hopefully you will be getting a little better. After awhile you will notice you are making 1000 IP per 2 1/2 hours "guestimation"

I don't know, when i play with my threes team, I make about a good 4.5k IP a day.
Zel The Newbie
Zel The Newbie's Forum Avatar
Nov 10th, 2010
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Invest in a strong champion that you enjoy playing in the early levels, as soon as you can afford him/her. But I don't make the same mistakes I made, by buying expensive champions that you're not 'sure' that you can play. Play different champions, play the free ones. Find a good one for you, not the one people said that you absolutely SHOULD buy.

Find a cheap and viable champion. And get a couple of them. I'd say invest in a support champion, a jungle champion, an AD and AP carry and AD-in-your-face melee carry (like Akali or w/e)

Being able to adapt to the, let me say it gently, ******s that don't understand team compositions, you should try your best to be able to fill out the holes your team mates will make with their choices of champions.

So get a couple of cheap, viable champions that you like to play. That should be your #1 investment. After that, save up until lvl 20, and buy a full rune page for whatever champion you are most succesful with. If you play a ****ty AP/AD ranged carry, but play amazing as a jungler, get jungle runes. Adapt to your playstyle, and invest in what you believe is right, but keep in mind that getting runes at lvl 20 will/can make you ALOT stronger.

Actually, as a jungler, you may need very specific runes. If that's the case, don't play that jungler. Find a jungler that's so strong that he doesn't need runes, but overall junglers aren't used very often in the early levels, simply because your teammates creates a composition, that you can't jungle in.

So focus on being able to fill out the holes that you will encounter in solo queue, and once you're able to do so somewhat okay, focus on your rune page investment for lvl 20.
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xXJosieneXx's Forum Avatar
Jun 25th, 2011
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Save IP for (Tier 3) Runes ( When level 20 it`s available )...
You can buy some champions but runes are more important :)

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