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DotA to LoL

Creator: Fazhou
February 15, 2013 11:34am
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Hey all,

I just downloaded LoL last night and played one live game and did fairly well (9-0-9) but Im just curious about some tips switching to LoL from DotA. I have over 5000 DotA games the idea of an AoS is not new to me, and my instincts from DotA seemed to transfer well. However, I am sure there is a multitude of things that are vastly different, and Im wondering if I can get some pointers about LoL vs DotA and some pitfalls I'll run in to.

Thanks in advance!!
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i never played dota, but one of my friend did, what he told me was:
"in dota, ad carry are far mor powerful that in league of legend
you cannot kill your own creep in lol, in dota you can
you have to play safer in dota, because in lol, towers deals more damage, and in dota, unlike lol, you lose gold when you die"

also i heard that in dota pro games, there are three champs in one lane. there is none in league of legend

finally lots of characters has simillar powers that dota characters, maybe you could use them at the begginin
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The turret prioritization works differently. It will only attack you if you attack an enemy hero while in range or if you're the only target.

Also skills deal less damage / are less strong in general. There are burst champions of course but in general while in lane skills cost less to use and do less damage. Riot prefers for you to be able to consistently use your skills rather than have to wait for the exact right moment and have it have a big effect but cost a lot of mana.

Support heroes are also very different. Their skills don't generally have high damage, and are more focused around CC / buffing your AD Carry. There are supports with good damage for a support but they will never deal a ton of damage because you generally would rather build health / mana regen / aura items than damage items. You'll also want to build at least 1 item that has gold generation or a Sightstone so that you can ward because the support does most of the warding.

In order for mages to succeed they need to build Ability Power items to do a lot of damage. They don't have super high skill damage natively like in dota.

Also, the "barracks" respawn after 5 min.
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