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How do i get an S in jungle lane

Creator: vilepeco January 26, 2021 12:47am
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Jan 25th, 2021
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so i recently went 17-3-15 with around 60 minion kills and didn't get an s- but got a A+, how do i achieve this in the jungler lane?
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Apr 26th, 2017
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That's really tough to say, Riot hides most of the secrets about getting an S.
There are lot of things that come into account more then just KDA and CS (which in my opinion 60 is very low). it is also about your total vision score, which should be very high. It is also about your bounty. If you score 7 kills and are worth 1000 of gold when you die, but you win the game before that would happen, makes you super damn gold efficient for your team. However If you score 15 kills but die right after (and throw all that bounty away), you are no longer all that efficient for your team. Another thing that's important to remember is total damage/healing/shielding/soaking done. It is easy to KS kills but if you won't do high damage in game, you don't deserve an S- mark. Also having low amount of deaths is very important. 3 deaths, that's on the very edge of S- and A+ if you ask me. Next thing which I believe the system takes into account are your movements. It is important to spread the lead all around the map, rather then sitting on one place. Then it is objectives, jungler 's big duty is to secure them for their team and create a global advantage, throwing away 4 drakes wouldn't be the best start. If you want an S-, then my recommendations are:
  • CS way more
  • Be more impactful, dunno what champion you play. Just do more damage, CC score, everything.
  • Ward more
  • Die less
  • Try harder (Getting an S- means you have to be better then majority of players on the same role with the same champion. You have to proof hella skill in order to achieve it)

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