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How to play Melee players

Creator: SuperSpclAwe October 18, 2010 5:07am
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Restrictnine#5232's Forum Avatar
Jul 18th, 2010
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Well... Jax is an EXTREMELY difficult DPS to master. Yes, he is amazing late game and in many cases unstoppable, but as far as learning goes, his learning curve is ridiculous. I suggest Yi, Garen, or Xin Zhao. They are all fairly easy to learn, but just remember, no champion is easy to master. Tryn is easy, but only if you have a good early game, and you are really good at knowing your limits with your ult.
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roflcake1's Forum Avatar
Oct 18th, 2010
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Well my first melee hero was Shaco.
Yes he's hard to master,
Yes he's fragile as thin glass
but hey.. I want a game to challenge me. My suggestion would be try to learn your hero as much as possible, continue playing it no matter what others say and u'll succeed. trust me when u pick garen or xin after Jax u'll feel like Chuck Norris lol
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