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item guide

Creator: pingwrx December 29, 2012 6:48pm
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Dec 29th, 2012
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Is there an item guide here that shows where all the different items are located in the store its very confusing for a new player to find some of the items going off some of the guides?
Keltocdragon's Forum Avatar
Sep 19th, 2012
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Well seeing as how most guides aren't updated to S3 items your better off playin a few bot games and exploring the items and their effects rather than trying to follow old guides with outdated item's/xD
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Aug 3rd, 2012
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all the items with all the stats you can figure out where in the store they are just by looking at the stats they give, or just by typing the name in the top of the store which is much faster and i recommend that than going through the ******** that is the LoL store
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Jan 12th, 2012
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It's actually very easy,since the latest Season3 update.
For most champs,the Reccomendet items are good,especially since you're new,use those items until you get better at the game and start to understand how items work on diff.champs and how the major game mechanics work.

Also when you go into the Shop ,next to the Recommendet items list is the "All items" ,which is really easy to use,if you want some Damage,just click on the Damage items list,it's all there,all items are categorized :)

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