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Karthus : how to become better ?

Creator: Somalie January 9, 2012 12:01pm
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Jan 9th, 2012
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Hi guys.

I'm currently picking Karthus really often if i can mid and do pretty well with him until now : 8 games with him in ranked, 7 wins at 1400 elo

I have some questions about the role in lane, in gank, the ult and the build (i want to carry games and improve Elo) :

-Last hitting with the Q, dont feed the brand/akali/ahri etc is okay, but i feel really passive. I mean, can i really kill people with him in a 1v1 lane situation ? He's a late game terror, but in 1-11 lvl the Q does'nt deal that much damage (and can be hard to aim) and running on the enemy with E activated is manahungry and a little bit risky ... Karthus is THE squishyness :D. Some month ago I faced an offensive karthus running on my like that, is it a good way to play him or was it effective because of me being surprised ?
(I pick Q E Q W then R>Q>E>W)

-That make come my second question : i actually build him quite glasscanon, starting mana+2pots, aiming for tear of the goddess + lvl2 boots then going Rabaddon/Zhonya/archangel staff, rabaddon or zhonya first.
How does it feel to build RoA first ? manaregen only when lvling up but some more tanky ...
If i should build tanky, Rylais would be great then, but i wont have my zhonya and rabaddon until quite late (i'm not a super pro farmer, even if i do quite well)
Do you have some advice about the usefulness of RoA + rylai, or is my actual build enough legit ?
I even saw a 3 dorans build Karthus today, doesnt it slow him for the mid/late game ?

-To have more gold, the gank in other lanes. Low elo, need to help people, etc. I Ult when enemies escape with not a lot of hp but i sometimes Ult during the gank (lets say botlane + our jungler) to help without moving from my lane and getting assist. Is it a good use of the ult ? Had a score of 2-2-15 doing it, why not C:
Should i -slowly because Karth is slow- move to bot lane to help with wall + some Q ? I find it very risky, early and mid game the enemy jungler, going to help his botlane, can stomp me in 1v1 : /

-In a late game teamfight situation, I walk into their team, slowing with wall and having E activated, then I use Hourglass active in the melee. Should I sneak around, trying to focus down 1 guy (ad/ap carry) with a Q spam and not aoe'ing the other members of the enemy team ?

-About masteries and summoners. I actually run 00 9 21 to take the xp boost, blue buff duration, movespeed etc, and the HP in defense tree (starting with 501 hp or something). 9 00 21 or something more offensive would be better ?
Actually I pick TP and Flash, i like to farm more (and def tower). Would ignite be better, maybe solving my problems about killing my lane opponent ?
I heard about TP + revive, i guess it's more "premade" oriented than soloqueue ?

Finally : I find Karthus really good, not because of the "Press R and feed yourself" but because the aoe potential, the powerfull wall etc. Am I wrong about him being a solid mid pick and strong late game AP ?

PS : do Zhonya's Hourglass active negates Soraka ult ? im not targetable but idk ...
PS : English is obviously not my first language, i hope there wont be any problem of comprehension about my wall of pai.. text :D
English is not my native langage, I'm sorry about how painful to read my text are :c
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Oct 31st, 2010
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If you want to learn passive farm techniques watch anybody high elo.

If you want to learn a crazed aggressive approach, watch Reginald xP
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Dec 28th, 2010
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You should take Teleport and Flash with Karthus and maybe start with Doran's Ring for that extra survivability and damage early game or just go boots + 3 pots. I would suggest that you farm melee minions with normal attacks while hitting last three ranged with q to get all of them. But you're going to push your lane very hard using this technique. You should get your opponoment low health and when he go back you should gank, if enemy is overextending on some lane. His slow makes awesome ganks and I usually end up with an averege 2 kills in early game because of ganking. Yet, you have Teleport so you don't miss so much minions. He is a solid pick, but he is DPS damage dealer like Ryze instead of nuke like Annie, Brand and such. Q's damage is enormous, his wall is very useful in teamfights and when you get Zhonya's you can just rush in with E and deal tons of damage. Ultimate is very powerful and you can still easily get better if you fail early game. I build him depending on gold income. If I get lots of gold I usually finish boots quick and rush Rabadons. If I'm playing normal passive farming, I first go for RoA and then Rabadons. If you're failing at laning, you can take extra Doran's Rings. Depends on situation.

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Feb 5th, 2011
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DuffTime wrote:

If you want to learn passive farm techniques watch anybody high elo.

If you want to learn a crazed aggressive approach, watch Reginald xP

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