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Lv 19 : Which char to try next?

Creator: Keytams December 31, 2010 2:18am
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Dec 14th, 2010
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So I'm level 19 and I've progressed well IMO. I've read up on all the heroes and am somewhat familiar with all their abilities. For about 100 games now I've played Ashe. I've gotten really good with her but there is a big flaw with playing a carry imo. If you team is good, you do good. If you team is bad, you do bad. With me playing a carry, it seems somewhat redundant playing a char that will secure a win, since if I farm/get fed, we are already going to win anyways.

What character would be good for a solo 5v5 that would let me apply skill and help tip the scales to my team? With Ashe I'm at about 50/50 but it all seems to be determined by which team has a feeder or a leaver. I will do horrible in games where the team doesnt understand ganking or any team concepts but very well when the team is somewhat competent.

I guess it comes down to, is there a DPS char that is good early/mid game that I can do well with even if my team is noobish?
Jebus McAzn
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Sep 30th, 2010
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It sounds like you're looking for a character that can carry a team by himself by performing so well early game that it doesn't matter if your teammates do kind of poorly. You also play a ranged carry character and are used to it.

With that in mind, the only character I recommend is Twitch. The ganks he carries out are incredible early game, as he can secure tons of kills regardless of how badly your team is doing. He is a ranged carry, similar to Ashe, and plays somewhat similarly. Twitch takes practice, but if you try him, you may have success.

Right off the bat, he's the first character that comes to mind. Unfortunately, he is a 6300 champ, so it's up to you if you want to buy him. Don't expect him to be free anytime soon.
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Oct 20th, 2010
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I'd say Pantheon. I bought him not that long ago and I get fed so much and am capable of one shotting squishies. He can fit into any team composition as you can build him quite beefy if needed and he can go into any lane. His ultimate along with Teleport allows him to help his team wherever it is needed and if he gets fed the game is more or less over.
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