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Creator: Mooninites January 25, 2011 4:24pm
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Jan 25th, 2011
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So i really like to play a number of champions but mainly Nidalee (fiddlesticks and twitch as well) and i notice a common thing in almost all the Nidalee guides. All of them say extreme microing is required. I play starcraft 2 and i hear the phrase thrown around often but i don't really know what it means. I looked it up and it said that microing is the management of all you units, bases, and economy which makes sense from a SC2 stsndpoint but I'm not exactly sure how it makes sense in LoL

thanks for reading
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Nov 7th, 2010
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Microing (micro management) is usually used in RTS's to mean control of a small amount of units and their skills to maximize their potential in fights. Whereas Macroing would be managing your economy / gathering units etc.

Or at least that's how I've always understood it.

So micro'ing in an LoL sense just probably would mean using your skills effectively. I don't really hear many people say micro in LoL though since you can't even control even a few units, always only one unit. I don't really think it applies very well honestly, I wouldn't get a headache over it. :P
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Jun 14th, 2010
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Mowen got it almost.

Micro is indeed, moving your unit to maximize its potential (skills and whatnot). It implies many things though, for example there's last hit micro, dodge micro (skill shots), kite micro, ranged carry micro, hell I've even done tibber block micro before. It's a wide variety of things that you can imply but all for maximizing the effect of what you have. I.E. As Ashe, I use the a-click right click a-click right click micro in order to kite better. Hell I a-click right click on almost all champs that I play.

Macro is managing bases. In Starcraft 2 that'd be dropping mules, getting constant larva injects, using chrono boost while also constantly producing from gateways, utilizing larvae whenever you can to keep hatchery cycles going through, constantly producing probes and SCVs, keeping money low, keeping food supply free, etc.

Jebus McAzn
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Sep 30th, 2010
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Macro is much harder for me to do, which is why I consider myself better at LoL than at SC2. Just to reiterate what two people have said already:

Microing can be defined as a lot of action in a small amount of time directed at one location (or in SC2, sometimes multiple locations) meant to achieve military success. Whether this means zig-zagging away from an Amumu so he doesn't know where to Bandage Toss or kiting a Garen with Ashe, you're investing a large amount of effort and doing a lot of things at once to your character. Poor micro in LoL would be just taking a champion and setting them to auto-attack a minion wave and pulling back once it's completed. Most players have at least decent micro at level 30, since you need to know things like last-hitting, moving around in the lane, etc.

Micro also includes things you do in real life that don't affect your character directly, like checking the minimap for the location of their characters, opening the champion summaries to see what items they've obtained, what levels they are, their CS, or their death timers. At higher level games, it also means counting the cooldowns on abilities and neutral minion spawn timers.
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Mar 5th, 2010
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Microing, in direct definition is dealing the most damage vs. taking the least. So damage dealt-taken. If you take more damage then you dealt, it was bad micro *as nidalee anyway*. It is also knowing how to use your skills to do the most possible damage. HotshotGG isnt a very good player, his microing is just ridiculous.. :S. Microing in a league of legends perspective is also your ability to manipulate your range zone to get creep kills, land autoattacks and last hits, etc. Microing is most important in a dual lane when it comes to farming. You want to get all, or as many creeps as possible, but split between two people, while trying to avoid damage from the enemy, and trying to deal damage when possible.

With nidalee, regular combos (in cougar) are the ones like W > E > Q. But microing (most damage output) would make it so you would try to get that person to run over a trap first, to lower their resistances, heal yourself for attack speed, then go to cougar and execute your combo, and on your way out, if you are being hit, heal/javelin the person you were hitting.

microing is extremely hard to understand.. some heroes can't do it effectively. Those heroes are also called underpowered. Many melee heroes have trouble microing (you need to be in their face) especially with no ranged skills.

Hope that helped,
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