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Need help with MORD.

Creator: f174NZA March 15, 2012 2:41am
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Mar 8th, 2012
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So i've begun to play someone with abit of skill cap rather then an easy champ.

Long story short people here thought Mord would be a good choice. I have started to play him and looked at afew guides but I need some help.

For example,
What to build and in what order for AP focused team, AD focused team or just all round.
How to use his skills effectively.

Any help would be appreciated.
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gero yamaza
gero yamaza's Forum Avatar
Dec 24th, 2011
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I've used Mordekaiser as my main for a while in the past actually. So if you want I could teach you building situations, who he excels at laning against and who you will usually lose too, etc etc. Just add me in game: Sanity Complex
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May 1st, 2011
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Early game, strictly farm with E & Q and last hits. Farm wraiths.
Harass with E without getting punished for it.
Level 6 harass your enemy, then QWER + Ignite them.
Win lane.

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Jul 20th, 2011
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Level 1: Push lane and harass at same time. Get in a position where you can continually E everything in lane, or at least most.

Level 2: same thing. Push to their turret, farm wraiths.

Level 3: push and farm.

Level 4: Repeat over and over.

Level 18: gape in amazement as to why you are level 18 when everyone else is level 11. Proceed to 100% their carries and have godlike survivability through your shield.

True Story. Learned from Tem's Anti-jungler Mordekaiser guide. Same tactic for every hard-farming AP mid.
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Mar 23rd, 2012
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and adding to it i always find morde more viable with defensive tank items with a spell vamp item more than an ap build . my setup would be like with a will of ancient , boots of lucidity , warmorgs , force of nature and randuins omen or thormail based on requirements = GG . or else can anyone suggest anyother build if im wrong , so i may learn from it :)
The Overmyynd
The Overmyynd's Forum Avatar
Feb 16th, 2012
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Mord very early game isnt any more worrisome than anyone else. People usually arent as aggressive as they should be. However once u get 2 points on siphon and 1 point on the other two it starts getting scary. Zoning very early game is very important, don't use siphon unless you can hit the enemy along with the creeps. About level 5 u can start ignoring your lane opponent and work strictly on minions. If he decides to engage you, your shield is already charged from minions and you can pretty much count on winning his balls-to-the-walls engagement. The most important ability on Mord is his passive. It perma-generates a shield on ability damage. I have found HUGE success with being a tank through aggro. Honestly, what u get isnt affected too much based on enemy composition. Starting with boots of lucidity and moving into Will of the Ancients makes you spam your attacks faster and makes them free through spellvamp. After that getting more health and ap through Ryalis is a must. After that maxing out your CD reduction through Frozen Heart is a must. Yes, it gives you mana, which you dont need, but frankly everything else it gives you makes it well worth the wasted 400g. Not only does it max your CDR (mace of spaddes CD 2.6 seconds, siphon cd 3.4 seconds, shield cd refreshes the instant the effect ends) it gives you **** tons of armor AND reduces attack speed of nearby opponents by 20%, this keeping your shield up longer. Amazing item for Mord, even if it costs 400 more than what u need b/c of mana gem. After these base 4 items the rest is up to you and your situation. I usually go for Hextech Gunblade (lifesteal, spellvamp, sure why not? great survivability) and an abyssal scepter. But at this point its really up to you, with Boots of Lucidity, WotA, Ryalis, and FH you are already a Brick **** House in an iron shell, telling people to kiss your shiny metal ***, so build what you want. Frozen Mallet is funny (slow on hit AND MORE health). Suppose if u want u can get a Zhyona's Hourglass if enemy team is AD heavy, or Force of nature if AP heavy, or if u just want to walk in and kill everything get a Void Staff or Rabadon's. Just last night i was using this build and 1v2'd a fed to **** wukong and a morg and whupped them both, walked out of the fight with more health than when i started. (WotA and Hextech Gunblade with max CDR=UBER TANK). This build WORKS. Ignore the idiots that tell you to get Merc Treads or Sorc Shoes, and ignore them when they tell you to get Resist Items. All u need is health and CDR items and you are good to go to tank whatever the F**k you want. Any other questions just PM me, would be happy to help XD

Oh, and FARM FARM FARM FARM FARM. NEVER stop farming, not even into late game. Remember that 15 creep kills=1 champ kill in terms of cash (roughly) so if someone comes into your lane with 3 more kills than you but you have 60 more creep kills than he does (more likely than you might think, Mord is the best farmer i've played with) you are STILL gonna be up on him as far as your build goes. If he doesn't know this little fact, he will engage you to the point where it is impossible to escape and you secure an easy derp-derp kill.
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Oct 31st, 2010
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Take all the wraiths. ALL OF THEM.
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