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Need help with Shaco Jungling

Creator: Andytori July 16, 2011 6:15pm
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Jul 3rd, 2011
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Well i really like play shaco. But i have a problem jungling with him. I've watch vids of people jungling with him starting at red or blue buff without any runes and coming out fine. When i try with runes i sometimes can do it sometimes i cant. More cant than can.

Here is what i use:

masteries: 15-0-10

x8 mark of deso
x4 seal of evasion
x4 seal of armor
x7 glyph of focus

I start out by going blue buff first. its just a preference. I place 2 boxs at wolves then 3 in bushes near blue buff. i smite the big wolf and kill off rest. then i run up to blue buff and hit the blue buff and place a box behind him.

Sometimes i manage to kill him with about 100 life left. Most of the time i die.

Really any help would be much appreciated as i love play shaco, but i am not good with him.

Edit: forgot to mention i am lvl 25 also
Jebus McAzn
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Sep 30th, 2010
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You really need full runes and masteries to be able to jungle Shaco effectively, especially with a rush blue or a Reginald route.

You'll be fine with your current runes. Buy full armor seals. Dodge seals are terrible, especially for Shaco. Armor seals are cheap and worth the buy.

Glyphs don't affect your jungle speed too much. If you've already bought CDR glyphs, then okay.

For quints you want flat AD or armor pen, depending on your marks.

Marks you can run armor pen or attack speed.

There are a lot of tricks to jungling Shaco. When you pull blue buff into your boxes, don't just start hitting it. What happens is that blue buff gets feared, and as soon as the fear wears off, it will start attacking the nearest target. You should back away from blue buff as it gets feared so blue starts hitting one of your boxes - this saves you about 300 health in the long run.

When you get to level 30, you should probably be running 21/0/9 on Shaco. Get a full runepage - ideally you'll be running one of two setups:

-3 AD marks, 6 armor pen marks, 3 AD quints
-8 attack speed marks, 1 armor pen mark, 3 armor pen quints

Both of them work.

Alternatively, many Shaco players start at red buff. The "Reginald route" is one where you do 2 boxes at golems, 3 at lizard, smite big wraith, and do golems->red buff->wraiths. It gets you to level 3 EXTREMELY quickly but is difficult to pull off without EXACT runes, masteries, and skill/practice.

Another route is the one you're trying, where you start at blue. However, this can be dangerous in higher level games because if enemies pop your boxes at blue, you have nowhere to go. If they come to pop boxes at red, you can just transition to blue. But blue cannot transition to red.

A final, very safe route that I highly recommend you try now if you're having trouble with starting blue, is the Stonewall route.

Plant two boxes at the wraith camp, right next to where the blue wraith spawns (this is important because boxes attack the nearest enemy, and you want to kill the big wraith ASAP)

Plant 3 boxes at Lizard.

Start either cloth armor+5 health pots or cloth armor+3 health pots+mana pot, depending on whether you're going to do blue or gank ASAP

Finish the wraith camp with boxes and autoattacks. Go to red buff, lure it into boxes, plant another box behind it, and finish it off with Smite. You take barely any damage from red buff and after you do wolves, you hit level 3 and can gank. Or you can gank straight at level 2 with red buff after doing the camp.
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Jul 3rd, 2011
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thanks for the info. i really appreciate the advice, it has helped out alot. this is the kind of help was looking for.


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