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Playing jungler : everything is warded I can't...

Creator: Hamstertamer May 6, 2018 4:18pm
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Feb 11th, 2018
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In my head always my logic is the same, when you enter JG basically your first two ganks are with highest SUCC % Every new attempt becomes harder and harder till the point where you won't be able to even get close enough to them anymore, and even if you manage to do so, they'll probably already outfarmed you enough to simply just burst you fast enough that you won't even be able to do any damage at all, not talking making a kill..simply cause enemies will logically be more prepared for incoming ganks with the progression of the game be more aware for upcoming ambush. And if we're talking about bottom lane with the help of the support (what if he's good? bummer..)gank's become impossible.But it happens that i know the answer. Well basically in order to be lethal the gank must be made at the exact moment your opponent expect the least and catch him completely off-guard giving you and your buddies a small window gap roughly around 3-5 sec at best in which you must initiate / attack properly avoiding any of you dying to their adc / kill-secure the target/s if they are more than one, and all this must be done with the correct timing from all of you, at the same time in order to work. So next time you think to yourself "Hhhmm is it perhaps a good time for me to gank?!" But you are not really sure where to go, how to engage, what to avoid and look out for, just do this. Take a quick look at the map, always check if bottom is gankable at that exact moment and always check th bottom lane first, if you see bottom lane and the support isn't there or you see their jungler just crossing the middle lane going top and you feel little confident. Throw another look at exactly where the enemy champions are positioned at the bottom, think off the best possible rout to take that will get you behind them unseen. If you have to get to the bottom going trough middle their jungle, do whatever is needed to contain the element of surprise in your favor cause honestly that's what is going secure the kill.But before all of that one of the first and of most importance is the rule of gank if bottom or top are QQ very hard for ganks but is still just 6 min the very very first thing they must do is de-ward their lane, de-ward the enemy wards, now without vision, enemies cannot be sure whats going on around them. Onlt after they have succ de-warded creating a possibility for you to gank, only then go and try to gank. I think this is the best and the cleanest way to outplay the enemy team in this particular situation as jungler.
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Jul 19th, 2017
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I think u should collab with your teammates more; tell them to put down more control wards and generally help u with clearing up gank routes.

Sry if that wasn't too helpfull.
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Feb 18th, 2019
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Hi, often times alot of laners dont even ward, im in silver currently ( I know not high elo ) but...I know the feel, I think im one of the few junglers ive seen who always takes red trinket until about 20-25m Ill switch to blue, bc the ganking lane part is often over by then, and if you give this a shot youll see what I mean, because 8/10 ten times sweeping for wards is a waste of time .. lol and this technique synergizes well with eyeball collection, and Id be lost without the sweeper strat because it enables me to know weather ive been spotted or not, and weather or not a laner is an easy gank or not because he obviously is or isnt playing safely by using his wards, even my own team I have to tell them every match, ward dragons, ward harolds, ward baron, ward your lane, they still wont lol even if I spam repeat that order. I dont enjoy it, but I clear vision that puts pressure on their team, a laner ( if theyre any good ) wont push too far without a ward or two. Thats one guy out of a few in silver you know? When I lane I often dont ward, but thats only bc im fairly confident that im not gonna be too aggro unless it's worth or my jungler is there, so thats that you know I think you can fall into a mindset that everyone is thinking things through the way you are that often times isnt true, theyre careless alot of times. But lets say im in a situation where I just cant get a gank off, I got LB mid ( I agree may as well not waste ur time making her jump all over the screen shes gonna do that enough without my attention.) top is olaf, bot is blitz/tresh/leona and lucian. If this is the case Ill try to track the enemy jungler for something to do, ill ward in his/her jg, and if im confident enough ill either counter jg that jungler or go in there and kill that enemy jungler, if you have cleared their vision, with sweeper or if youve got a duskblade, unless theyre very fed they wont be too confident to come stop you from counter jungler and/or killing their jungler, I have been killed in my jg, in ranked games without even a hint of a response from my team SO MANY TIMES that it's disgusting. But killing the jungler helps your team more than likely alot more than if you come and kill their laner, especially if youve taken the kill because the enemy jungler has potential to disrupt not one or two lanes but all three and potentially your jungle camps and youre KDA. Thanks for your time give it a shot, play udyr, go in there and just hunt junglers.
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