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Ranked Growing Pains....

Creator: JBucketzEsq August 3, 2012 8:25pm
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Apr 28th, 2012
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Hey guys, so I was asking around in the in-game mobafire chat room about this, and alot of people gave me some really good advice, so I thought I would make a post here to get some more opinions. Thanks to everyone who was helping me out before!

So I really just started playing ranked. Got about 20 games under my belt. I feel like I've been doing pretty well in my games - my currect KDA is 7.9/3.6/7.0 - but all I have to show for it is an 11/13 record and a lowly 1160 elo. Now I've had some games for example where I was 12/7/16 or 14/5/2 and still lost, which can be extremely frustrating. However, I'm not one of those people who blames team for that kinda stuff. I feel like I should be able to snowball games with scores like that, and so I really want to focus on what changes I need to make to start to see better results in ranked games.

Now, admittedly, I have played mostly pantheon so far, mid when team lets me, or top when I have to. Understandably, I know he falls off, so I am thinking he may not be the best choice of a champion to play. I tried going the other route, a super-late game champion with poppy, and got decent scores (10/3/3, 7/5/2), but again, 2 defeats, and games didnt really make it to very late. So I think what I really am looking for is a champ that has some lane presence, but also can really stomp mid-game.

The other thing we talked about in the in-game chat was the importance of csing. Now, I know that in theory any champ SHOULD be able to get high cs, but I admit im not the best mechanical player. It seems like when someone in my games has a HUGE cs advantage, it is pretty much game over. And let's face it, some champs just have an easier time farming than others. In one game, I was 4/0 against a mordekaiser in lane, yet he was still a bit ahead of me in farm, and just dominated me in 1v1 fights late in lane. It was pretty demoralizing.

So really, what I am looking for is a champ to "main" for ranked that is powerful in lane, but doesnt fall off like pantheon, but instead can really dominate mid lane. The other criteria i'm focused on is having an easy time farming, because I think that opens up alot of possibilities like roaming in my games, and is just a huge advantage.

Now, I'm still looking for my "role" so feelf ree to recommend any mids tops junglers carries etc. I know I can't ONLY play one champ, but I do think that focusing mainly on one champ could help me out mechanically.

Sorry for the long post! I can't wait to hear your opinions! Some things that were talked about already were mordekaiser mid, singed top, skarner jungle! Love to hear your thoughts on those and other champions.

Thanks again!
The LZ
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Jul 4th, 2012
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It's about towers, towers towers.
Not kills, kills, kills.

Suggestions for OP tards (if played right).

Bot - Vayne

Jungle - Alistar (feed your team) or Rammus

Top - Riven

Mid - Kassadin ! If it's a mage you're against ^^.
Of course there's maný others.

How often does this happen to you:

You're playing bot, doing okay, defending your tower.
Gets to midish game and you start roaming a bit, fighting
jungle creeps perhaps or finding enemy champs.
You lose bot tower.
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Apr 28th, 2012
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I don't play bot too much, but that happens a LOT to me playing Pantheon mid or top, especially when using my ult to gank other lanes. Even when we get a kill or two from it, I always wonder if it was worth it because of the cs/tower I hve to give up ot my lane opponent.
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Aug 26th, 2012
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as i said in another post, to win all you need is: win and push your lane and roam as long you can do that you can win your games easily.
I've like 1000 normals played and 300 rankeds, im 1404 in 3v3 and 1210 in 5v5(fell from 1300 and raised from 800)
i can tell that there are few things that can help you a lot to win rankeds
1- the most important, YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO PLAY EVERY ROLE AND NEVER LOSE UR LANE(thats assure a high chance to victory if u are no scrub)
3- Be able to choose the best or nearly build for the actual game and team ( if enemies are 5 ap and ur team 4ad even if u are mordekaiser dont build thornmail and wota cuz it will be very very useless for u and ur team.
4- Try to roam when possible assisting ur teammates and dont ks every single kill( if u are 500-0 and ur mates are 0-10 you will lose anyways ITS A TEAMGAME)
5- Play with TEAM. Are u Fed? ok dont rambo 5v1 yelling "FEEEEED MOOOAAAARRR FEED" go in team so they feel more ur feed and snowball capabilities
6- Learn picks and counter( dont counter pant with teemo :/ or morde with caitlyn)
7- Join Q with a mate who can win ur lane almost every game.
8- PLS BAN OR TELL LEADER TO BAN SERIOUS CHAMPS... (bann amumu darius morgana ecc... Dont bann the freking kassadin learn how to counter him and bann him only if necessary for team comp/comb)
Ps: ofc more champs u can play more chances u have to counter their and try to pick champs who are good also lategame pant falls a lot into late
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Aug 21st, 2012
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these kids are dumb.

the key to winning ranked in 1100-1400 is as follows.
Pick a safe mid that scales into late game, rape your lane opponent, and snowball the game.
candidates: mordekaiser, ahri, veigar, casseopia, orianna, vlad, karthus (new karthus is ****) swain, gragas, fizz, ryze (morgana is a special case. You can go dps with dorans x2 abyssal rush, and you can dominate your lane opponent, but she's banned at low elo)

Start dumping on your lane opponent. at 3:00, go check their red side jungle and look for their jungler (you should have just hit level 3). 9 times out of 10, I find their jungler with low health doing red. Kill him, take his red, and enjoy the 400 gold + half a level + double buff. only invade red with strong level 3 characters ilke ahri, gragas, fizz, ryze, swain, ori, etc, and don't do it with veigar or vlad. you still can, you just don't have much deeps.

Low elo is ****ing easy. If you play adc or mid. You can carry from the jungle, but only with nocturne and lee sin.
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Jan 12th, 2012
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While Throatslasher irks me with his cocky know it all attitude I'd listen to him if I were you. He is like 1900 ELO or something like that.

Thank you Miss Maw, CasterMaster and Arcana3 for the sweet sigs. I'd definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a nice sig.

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