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Recently reached level 30, Now i feel like a noob.

Creator: Highwind017 April 11, 2013 4:11pm
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Sep 20th, 2015
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Not level 30 yet, so I still have to tread into that "hey, welcome to ranked hell" area, but from what I experienced so far I think everyone is in for a rough patch or two. A friend of mine has been playing LoL for more than 2 years and listening to him when he had one of those phases sounded like he was ready to chew on his keyboard.
While it might not apply 100%, I think it is similar to playing an instrument. If you are overly nervous, cramp up and switch into that "I have to do better now, otherwise I fail" mode it usually leads to overcompensation, thus either being too aggressive or too scared to make a mistake.
My advice would be to change the pace, play a couple of normal matches, there are quite a few ranked players around who play normals as well - be it to try out new builds, champions or the like, thus you can learn quite a bit in them. There is no threat of the ranking and you can get to experiment a bit as well.
Oh and if you are nervous about your CS - try playing support. Unless you are playing with Kalista, most ADCs will be very happy people if you don't touch anything.
As for CS exercises in Custom Games... they do help you to get to know the damage of a champion and when to last hit minions, but in a PvP match you will always have the pressure component of your opponent as well so they'll only get you so far and depending on your play style might not accurately reflect on your performance (e.g. if you play mid and go top / bottom to help with ganks while your lane is pushed).
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May 8th, 2015
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i never experienced anything like this tbh :p i transitioned to level 30 just fine.
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