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Review Request - help me climb

Creator: figter2989 February 11, 2016 5:51am
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Feb 11th, 2016
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Last season I finished at S5, and I am looking to improve on that this season. I tend to stay in the bot lane (supp or ADC). I am Thresh in the video, and here is my I am looking for any improvements that you might think I need. Any advice would be a great help. Thanks for your time and help, have a great one. the Video is below:
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Dec 6th, 2011
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Death at 5:45 was unnecessary. Don't be afraid to use Exhaust early. It's a summoner spell that's there to be used.
6:45 your carry won't be around in lane for a little while longer. There's not much play to be had for the next 30 seconds. It would have been better to instead roam and either get deep vision (pink near the red side wolf brush). Deep vision is usually more important than vision control of the tri brush. Thresh is very good at facilitating ganks, and it's very easy to simply coordinate lane ganks with your jungler thanks to Thresh's Dark Passage.
7:26 Get some income. Last hit and get your spoils stacks.
9:05 you need to stand parallel to your ADC in lane. Right now you're standing slightly behind her, and taht's limiting her lane presence.
9:30 you positioned too far forward and telegraphed nautilus' roam.
13:00 Game's over

There wasn't a lot to analyze this game. your opponents picked weird champions and you punished them appropriately. I think you should instead submit a video where you played badly so we can help you troubleshoot better areas that you need to improve on
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Jan 27th, 2016
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Hello Figter2989,

First, I would like to recommend you CS'ing better when you play AD carry. I personally like to go to some of Wild Turtle's old broadcasts and just watch him CS. I looked you up and you average about 5-6 cs per 10 mins. You should find ways to CS outside of laning phase which is fairly simple. Below is a video of me CS'ing on my smurf for my placements but I was playing against another smurf/good player.

Note: In the video I don't back when I have 1300 but you should absolutely do it when you get the gold. This allows you to punish the opponent very hard if they don't back and also, it gives you a good spike of damage with level 6. Also, I cut the video off once I have BF + Pickaxe because that's when the team fighting starts. You should take your tower quickly or take mid and group. The game becomes about pressure and towers at that point so every CS up to that point is very crucial.

There are 3 strategies to CS'ing.

1. Push hard onto their tower which leaves you vulnerable to ganks but is very effective at lower elo. Notice how I poke him when he comes up to make sure he doesn't freeze the lane. Only push hard if you + your support offers fairly good defense against the gank. (Cait + Janna is the best). This is also very effective any time you want to set your jungler up to gank through the lane bushes.
2. Only last hit and keep the lane in the middle of the lane. Counter push whenever he pushes and just match what your opponent does. This is very good if you are scared of jungle ganks and don't want to get pushed on your tower. It's very effective when you're playing against junglers that are good at tower diving (and you don't think your jungler will counter gank).
3. Last hit only and freeze the lane on your tower. This is very good when you're stronger than them and you can punish them and out trade them on the minion wave. This is also very good whenever you want to set up for your jungler to gank through the river.

By controlling the wave, you can increase your minion count instantly.

Another thing that you should really do your best to improve on is your KDA. You want at least a KDA of 3 on every ADC you play (3 being your worst games). For supports, 3.5 is minimum and 4 is closer to what you should shoot for. At lower elo, it will be very easy for you to achieve but as you get higher, it's extremely difficult.

Turtle (ADC) :
Xpecial (Support) :

Now, I will watch your video and leave comments on things you can do to improve.

1. At the start of the video, you're hitting minions when they're half life. This is very bad to do because your ADC has to be perfectly in tune with you or he misses it. I would only attack minions if you're trying to push hard AND you have a 3 casters 3 fighter minions set up. Then you can auto the back row only.

2. Without taking too much minion damage (walk into bushes and other strategies to avoid the minion dmg), you need to auto attack the enemy's more. Your auto attack does good dmg for a sup.

3. As a support, always have the idea of bush vision in the back of your mind. It's very important that your adc doesn't lose vision when he needs it. When you kill gragas, he was able to knock you out of the bush he was in and you lost vision for .5 seconds.

Also, your w is a fantastic shield. You die with it up. You die with exhaust up (A supports best friend and the best way they can bait ADC's). You die with flash up... AND you also die without using any of the 3 biscuits. (Note, the biscuits give instant health, not only health over time). If you would have exhausted the draven, popped your biscuit about 3-4 seconds earlier, and used your W to shield yourself then you would have not died in this situation AND your adc would have had a double kill.

Also, Thresh is considered ranged and because of this, it's very hard to last hit with your relic shield. Try to let it get very low and then hit it. Giving your adc 40 HP is very crucial in lower elo because as you can see, there is so much early aggression.

4. You went back and had 900 gold. You should absolutely get sight stone first right here with a pink ward. The current way the lane is going, you're going to dominate. Not only that but you're pushing very hard so the vision is crucial. Switch trinket to the sweeping one, buy sight stone and get a pink and this will give your lane complete control. If you ever are wondering about what you should buy, you should look at a few builds from here. . They give you a lot of insight on the constantly-changing meta.

5. I would put your health pots, pinks and wards where you can quickly use them at any time. That is different for every person but your quickest one should be health pots because you need to be able to use one when you know a fights coming. Most the time, if you do it right then you can out heal an ignite if you plan for it. (esp with your w shield). The best time for you to exhaust draven would have been right at 5:29 when you knew for fact that gragas was dead(my opinion). That would allow you to take nearly no damage and draven would have been doing no damage.

6. Your w will pick up the souls on your passive so you can avoid over extending and taking un-necessary damage. It kind of seems like you never use your w.

7. The best thresh combo you can do is run up to them, W your team mate and E the opponents backwards. This slows them to where your q is almost guaranteed to hit. If you can learn this combo, you'll be an extremely effective Thresh support. At 2:40, you flay draven toward his tower. If you put your cursor on the other side of him, it'll flay him toward your tower instead. I would recommend practicing a few times in a bot game so that when you go into ranked, you always flay them the way you want to.

8. At 3:28, you walk toward their tower instead of instantly going to ward. Those 3 seconds could be enough time for the opponent jungler + top to gank you and set up a teleport leading you and your adc to their deaths.

9. Rewinding back to the first fight, you should time Draven's flash. The reason this is so important is that you can instantly go back to lane and pin him down knowing he has no flash. Also, when you get close to when it's coming up, you'll know the exact time. This is such a big thing that any serious player looking to get better should absolutely time summoner spells.

This is a good start. I am super busy so I will have to watch and finish later.
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Jan 17th, 2011
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I'd recommend running AD marks on Thresh instead of the armor marks, personally (assuming you're using the page called "support" on Thresh). That will help you to last hit easier and it will give you a bit more damage to harass with on your autos. I also find that utilizing his passive when last hitting can really help you get those relic shield procs.

Also, just glancing at your runepages, the support one seems pretty suboptimal imho.

You probably want something more along these lines in general:
Greater Mark of Armor/ Greater Mark of Attack Damage/ Greater Mark of Magic Penetration*9 (depends on the support)
Greater Seal of Health*9
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist*9
Greater Quintessence of Armor*3

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