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So help with the new jungle?

Creator: NinjaGinge December 17, 2012 5:00pm
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May 28th, 2011
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So I finally finished up this hell of a semester and have time for more consistent league play. Having come back and getting used to things I'm really loving the game, but the jungle feels like a whole new experience. Every game I feel as though my gold levels are on par, but I always end up under-leveled. Due to that my jungle games end up being really rough so until I've made a step in the right direction on figuring out how to manipulate this new jungle I've sort of just stopped playing it outside of practice runs.

Tips and thoughts on how to work this new jungle? I could really use the help. I used to be able to fill any roll and while I still can, one of them now REALLY blows. lol

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May 13th, 2012
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Well I am not gonna lie, it is a big change but I play Jungle the most now this season, however top is my main and I still play it often because I love them both.

Anyways, it may depend on the champ because apparently, there are some champs this Season that may be stronger than last Season. I think Warwick didnt change, he's just good at jungling because of his sustain. However, people like Udyr, Nocturne , Lee Sin , Xin Zhao. Personally they're not going to have a hard time at all jungling.

People like Hecarim , Jarvan IV I noticed that they're a lot slower and of course they take a lot more damage. I did this by testing it in custom games a couple of times. This is great because you can check what jungle you're most comfortable with and who you're fastest with. You require more health pots however for these champs.

Moving on, Tier 3 RUNES!. Yes, they play a big impact early game, and trust me they do help you in a lot of way. Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage simply helps you give extra damage to the jungle camps so you can clear them out faster. Greater Seal of Armor , this is great because these help you take reduced damage from the jungle camps.

Again, leashing is still available, don't hesitate to ask for a strong leash especially if you know you're jungling someone slow or doesn't have much sustain.

Lastly, you must get Hunter's Machete and 5 Health Potion every single time. Regardless, they all build into something useful. You can choose between wriggle's or the spirit of spectral golem, wraiths etc of course depending on the champ you are playing. You don't get wriggle's for Jungle Diana for example.

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Jan 6th, 2011
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Single target clearers are stronger, farmers are stronger, not as many mids can do wraiths, bot taking doubles are rarer, more damage from creeps, you will fall behind if you get a lot of unsuccesful ganks they also disabled "pulls"
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May 23rd, 2012
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A strategy i personally have had quite a lot of success with is getting a Smiteless leash/pull/assist on your first buff and then rushing your second one. You can then start ganking whilst you have a level advantage on the lanes. The global movement speed boost means not having boots is less of an issue and double buff + having all 3 skills to the enemy's 2 usually allows you to give an early advantage to one or more lanes.

In terms of being underlevelled; don't be afraid to take your lane tax when a laner recalls or is killed, the extra gold and xp will often help you in the long run more than the lack of global pressure will hurt you short term.

Also, in the new jungle CC is very much your friend. Champs with a lot of utility like Nautilius or Cho'gath don't need to worry as much about falling behind in levels because their kit continues to be effective even if they are underfed.

Finally, try pressuring one lane quite hard if you're not having much luck roaming. If you can "camp" a solo lane and basically hand the win to your laner then it doesn't matter as much if you're not getting fed.
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Jan 25th, 2011
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you think this jungle is bad? you should have been there back in 'nam
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