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That Jungle Place

Creator: Cobbil January 16, 2013 10:51pm
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Dec 26th, 2012
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So I bought Xin Zhao in hopes to have a jungler with some good lane presence if I was needed in lane.

So I loaded up a private match to get his jungling path down and got pwned. So I tried another route, and same results. It came down with Cloth Armor and chugging 5 health pots, I could only take wolves.

I am level 11, so my runes and masteries are nonexistant/lacking, but I would think the jungle would be accessible for everyone to play in, not just higher level people.

Is there something I don't know?
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Feb 8th, 2011
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That's basically your problem that you are level 11.
He's also a fairly "weak" jungler without good runes/masteries.

Warwick is a much better low level jungler, as well as cheaper than Xin Zhao.

Of course, you should be taking smite if you are jungling but, if you're level 11, you might want to try taking either Heal or Barrier and going 11 in the defense masteries while taking points in Tough Skin and Bladed Armor for more jungle safety as well as all the health and armor masteries in the tree.
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Jun 30th, 2012
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No offense, but you should probably wait until you're level 20 to jungle. Junglers are almost non-existant in pre-20 games. And yes you need to take Smite if you're going in the jungle as well as at least armor runes. Other than that xins a fine jungler and a very strong ganker. You just don't have the defensive stats without proper runes and masteries yet, so I'd wait a bit.
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Dec 12th, 2011
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You won't be able to play a strong jungle until you hit level 20 and have access to the top tier runes. And even if you can get the runes you need, playing jungle takes a lot of time to learn. I would just focus on going to the higher levels and worry about it then.
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Feb 8th, 2013
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Jungle is viable post lvl10 imo(but this is more for people that already know exactly what they are doing). It'd be hard if you're trying to learn to play jungle for the first time at this level.

But lets say you want to make it work, here's what'd I'd suggest:

(1) Buy tier 1 runes. They're cheap, so it won't be a waste, and only buy the ones you can currently slot in and no more.

Get AttSpd marks, Armor Seals, Health Quints, and you don't really have to worry bout Glyphs at this low lvl(typically MR per lvl). These are all typicall except the Health Quints, which you need cause you're squishy for the intial jungle pass.

(2) Nearly all lvl30s start Machete, but as you alreadys surmised, you'll be starting Cloth Armor. It's slower, but makes up for the Armor you're missing from Runes/Masteries.

(3) Your team MUST help you at the start. Start Wolves > Blue Golem (with your team mid and top lane(blue side), or mid and bot lane(purple side).

If they don't do this for you you're pretty screwed. You'll likely have to recall right after Blue Golem if they don't help, and lag the next 15mins of the game. You might want to consider just laning instead of sticking out the jungle.

Continue this path if you got the start you needed from your team:
> Wraiths > Wolves > Red Lizard > Double Golems > Wraiths > Wolves > Recall

(4) I woudn't concern yourself too much with early ganking(sub lvl 4), as your health will be quite low at times through the first jungle pass due to lack of Runes/Masteries etc.

(5) MOST IMPORTANTLY! Always remember that no matter how bad the players on your team may be, their deaths are always your fault. It's LOL tradition to be a total @SS@#$t to the jungler whenever possible. Real tip: Prepare to have a thick skin if you want to jungle,, and don't feed the trolls(don't respond in chat to them).

Disclaimer: Keep in mind this advice is for jungling sub lvl20 only. Except for #5, you'll ALWAYS need #5!

Edit: Forgot to mention you'll picking up Def Masteries Health, Armor, Minion Def/Dmg. That should be obvious...

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