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MOBAFire Featured Content - May 6th

Creator: Hades4u May 6, 2022 1:40am
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Apr 15th, 2014
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Hey everyone! 😊

Every week the admins and scouts will pick different pieces of content to be featured on the front page and to receive a small token of appreciation from us for their activity and contribution. Anyone can get featured for their guides, TFT team comps, tier lists and basically any kind of contribution!

Keep creating amazing content and we will be happy to feature you in one of our next posts!

Author: @ V1kt0r555
V1kt0r555 has published another quality guide to join their other top ranked guides. It's for Malzahar and it's as in-depth and informative as their guides for Veigar and Viktor. All three guides are very in-depth and descriptive, but what impressed us the most is the amount of information for every single matchup. Great learning resources for sure!

Thank you for checking out this week's MOBAFire Featured Content. Stay tuned every Friday for more and keep sharing amazing content! 🔥

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