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MOBAFire Special Christmas Giveaway Winners!

Creator: Hades4u January 5, 2022 2:16am
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Apr 15th, 2014
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Christmas Giveaway Winners!
It's time to reveal the winners of our Special Christmas Giveaway! ❄

Many community members celebrated together by sharing stories and beautiful pictures during the Christmas holidays. We've enjoyed going through all of them and we're finally ready to show you our favourites!

We would like to mention that everyone's stories and pictures were wonderful. They made our Christmas better and we hope you've also had a great time taking part in this event. We've received good feedback once more and we look forward to future community events!

You can find all the winners below. Make sure to click on the images to view them in full size for the best experience! 😊

@ theant01:
My Christmas dream gift would be to simply have my boyfriend with me and relax and play together, sadly we live far away but I hope to reach him one day. At least I can share my tree!

@ XTheRageGodX:
Wish You All a Merry Christmas!

@ PPancake:
Yo Merry Christmas Everyone! This year has gone by so fast, hope you all doing well 🎅 🎅 🎅 Here is my Christmas Tree. Enjoy Christmas :)

@ Levi 99:

@ MMinty:
Merry Christmas everyone!! Despite all the hardships that you've all had this year, I hope you enjoy these last moments of 2021 in happiness. My family decided to go all out this year with our Christmas tree, I hope you all stay safe and enjoy your Christmas.

@ Karinutsa:
I am a big city person, but as a kid I used to spend my short school winter breaks at my grandparents’ house in the countryside. This was one of the first Christmases I spent there and my cousin asked me to go carolling with him. We woke up early in the morning, at 5 am, to get ready and we went from house to house to sing. There is a tradition in that area that beside money, people offer nuts to the carollers too. There is nothing funny about my story, but it is a memory I cherish and keep close to my heart every Christmas. Also, I worked so hard for that full bag of nuts that year.

In my country we have a few interesting Christmas foods, but one of the best things I love to eat every Christmas is the pig skin. Of course the pig skin is washed in a certain manner and then burnt, there is a whole process that I am not going to go into detail. But the final result/product is amazing, it is the perfect breakfast food or appetizer for any December meals. I eat it with bread, but it goes well with anything else that is also salty.

The Christmas Chronicles part 1 (the first movie) is so good. Second pick would be Daddy’s home 2, a nice modern comedy that I think most families can relate to, at least to a certain degree.

I would love a VR set so I can play horror games, but in case Santa cannot bring me that, I am sure I will love everything he puts under my tree.

I have a big natural tree in my living room, but I cannot find a way to take a decent clarity pic with the tree and the piece of paper with my username.
Instead, I will just show you the little artificial tree I decorated especially for my room.

@ N.I.:
Baking & decorating gingerbread has been our family’s Christmas tradition for as long as I can remember.

Originally, it was kept a casual experience and we would simply stylise them to our whimsies.
Ranging from polka-dotted snowmen to a half-dozen yellow gingerbread men each with a different colored head.

To help keep this tradition appealing to us as we got older, our parents decided to ‘patch’ it with a new ‘themed game mode’.

Since then, at Christmas we each write down a theme on a piece of paper, shuffle them all into a pouch, and randomly draw one which becomes our gingerbread theme of the year.
Then we have a friendly competition to see who can make the most recognisable characters and take turns guessing each other’s creations.

Bonus points if you make an obscure character and have someone else successfully recognise them!

This year’s theme was Star Wars and you can see my attempt at modelling some characters below.

See if you can guess them ;)

@ Urpog:
When I was growing up as a child my mother used to tell me the sky was getting whiter around christmas time because Santa was coming and for whatever reason the sky would actually have some like white glow from far away so she was using it as as a way to sell the santa story to me, I was always super super anxious around christmas time unable to sleep trying to listen for footsteps and one day I did hear the footsteps because I was unable to sleep, I went downstairs and I found my mother crouching behind a chair trying to hide from me because she just ate some cookies trying to say it was santa eating them for when we came downstairs in the morning lol

My mom would also just spoil us in junk food, she would fill the table with every food imaginable, pigs in blankets, pineapple and cheese on a prick - stick looking thing, pringles, malteasers, salted peanuts, every a kid would die for, so not exactly cultural unless you consider salted peanuts and malteasers british culture lol

My favourite christmas movie is probably elf

My dream christmas gift as a child was toy soldiers, you know the ones from toy story? Green casted moulds, my mom used to buy me a pack of them using different kind of guns, bought me a tank at one point too and I'd just sit in my room pretending to be a general commander, right now it'd be a nice new gaming chair and headphones since mine are pretty scuffed atm

Sadly I don't have a phone so I can't take a picture of my christmas tree but every year we've had like a tiny one from tescos, couldn't fit anything but maybe a piggyback underneath it but thought I'd share anyways, have a nice christmas everyone ^^

@ D1vid3dS0ul:
Okay, so, story time

Some my family had gathered around for Christmas dinner, nothing huge, about 3 adults and 6 kids with ages ranging from around 6/7 to 14/15 years old. It was late-ish into the night and we did the typical tradition of sitting in something close to a circle and opening gifts from other family members, again it was nothing huge, no more than 3 or 4 presents for each child, some having the same as someone else because they were mostly smaller stuff like a selection of chocolate.

One of my cousins who was anywhere from 9 to 11 at the time had bee really into football at the time, which is normal because we're an English family and this country takes football wayyyy too seriously. Anyways, it had only made sense that someone were to gift him a pair of football boots for Christmas, so they did. It was his last present that he started to open and his mother started to record him opening it because she knew what it was. I remember watching his face light up more and more as he took the wrapping paper off and he realised what it was.

Before he even opened the box he had rushed to his aunt who had brought the gift and was practically bouncing on the spot. Eventually he manages to sit back down and open the box to actually see the boots and he almost immediately burst into tears of happiness. They weren't a special pair or anything like that, not signed or based off of a professionals boots at the time, just your standard pair of football boots, but at the time it meant the world to him.

@ TheBlueImperial:
Prewarning: This is a bit of a sad/happy story about family loss, just wanted to warn anyone in case they're not in the mindset to read it at the moment.

Share a fun Christmas story:
I'm fortunate enough to have quite a big family and a close one at that, with that comes the harsh reality that some don't get to celebrate Christmas that year with us and many have passed away around December in our family. So while it might sound super depressing we've learnt to celebrate every Christmas by all having a drink at Christmas for those that didn't make it to that Christmas and those that passed around that date.

We all share our memories, stories and jokes regarding our loved ones and it's one of my favourite parts of our Christmas celebrations, while it being a bit of a sad one. It just makes you appreciate all the memories you've made this year just that bit more and appreciate getting to celebrate Christmas together another year.

It also leads onto another story, when my Grandad passed away on the 1st of December many years ago (I was like 9? and I'm 21 now) he managed to get Christmas presents for us all that year, all keepsakes or things to remember him by. I still have the gift he gave me to this day and remember him everytime I see it, I can't thank him enough for doing that.

Share your favourite Christmas movie:
THE GRINCH, I love this movie and will watch it multiple times every year around this time. I have no idea why I love it so much, but it never fails to cheer me up and get me in the Christmas mood. I usually watch it with my Siblings, which gets harder to do each year as we get older but we always manage to do.

@ ecl1p3e:
For as long as I can remember, my mother and I always watch the 1984 version of A Christmas Carol and make sausage balls. She insists that no other version of the movie can compare to the one we watch... and I have to say, I think she's right.
But anyway, it's something I can always look forward to and I don't remember a time when we missed doing this. I absolutely love this tradition of ours. It makes me feel warm and happy. :)

Merry Christmas (or whatever it is you celebrate this season) everyone! Good luck!

@ Aireszita:
I'm gonna tell you about a perfect gift I've received in the past, which could also fit in as a funny story!

Three years ago my boyfriend and I started dating in November, however I couldn't be with him on Christmas because he would be travelling outside the country with his mom, to meet family. Even though I was a little sad we couldn't be together in this holiday we made sure to give eachother a present but agreed to only open them on Christmas Eve.

So, Christmas Eve finally arrived! My family and I were trading gifts and I opened the bag my boyfriend had left there for me. It had a box with heart-shaped chocolates in it! Those with strawberry flavour that taste really yummy.

After everyone opened their presents, my mom suddenly remembered something. My boyfriend had also left with her a note for me to read! I opened this note and it had a really cute drawing of us along with a text and - an arrow! An arrow pointing underneath a bed he drew. I then realized the drawing was meant for me to check what was under my bed! I rushed to the bedroom and looked underneath it, there was a tiny box in there. I opened the box and found a really beautiful silver necklace with a heart in it! I loooved it. It caught me by surprise and I was so happy with how he did all that! It really made me feel loved.

We are still dating and I have been wearing this necklace every single day, it is something that reminds me of him even when he's not with me.

To me this was definitely the perfect gift, gifted in such a perfect, creative way too!

Thank you for reading! Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas ❤️

@ Kazuha4247:
Like most others my favourite Christmas food is one that I hold truly dear to my heart. I spent most of my childhood in Vietnam in a small village just outside of Hanoi. I remember every year I would spend my time at my late grandma’s house watching Christmas movies on the tv, always clenching her arm right by my side. Contrary to the climate of many western countries, there was never any snow in Vietnam, the monsoonal climate made it essentially impossible for any snow to fall. Because of this, for basically the entirety of my childhood I was unable to see snow with my own two eyes. I remember when i was about 8 years old, for Christmas I asked Santa for it to snow. It was such a impossible thing to ask for, yet, at that age I believed that Santa would be able to gift me even the entire world if I asked for it. That year, my grandma decided to gift me a cup of hot chocolate one so special that I wished for it every year. The cup was hand brewed and my grandma sprayed whipped cream all over the top, pretending it was snow. To the 8 year old me at the time, it meant the world to me. I had that same glass every year until she unfortunately passed. It’s almost comical to think of how such a little treat could give me such joy. Every Christmas, I spend countless hours trying to recreate the dish, yet, only now do I understand that what I truly wished for is to spend every moment of that Christmas together with my grandma. Merry Christmas everyone and I wish you all a happy new year.

@ Tauricus2017:
My favorite Christmas movie is The polar express. The film takes you on a Magical Journey to the North pole and what better vehicle could take you there other than a fabled Polar express. The inside of the locomotive feels warm & comfy and it just really puts you into a Christmas mood. All the characters in the movie are different and it simply shows that everyone sees Christmas differently. Some are simply looking forward to the gifts, some can't wait for the desserts and sweets, while others would just like to experience the wonderful Christmas atmosphere. The movie is packed with funny dialogues, adventurous acts, but also mesmerizing Christmas-themed songs & lovely heartwarming moments. The movie simply has it all. I really don't want to spoil anything, so just go and watch it for yourself - the movie radiates with Christmas vibes and it will be worth your time, I promise <3

For extra snuggly vibes, make yourself a hot chocolate and bring a fluffy blanket with yourself. You will thank me later!

@ hugn:
My dream christmas gift had always been to receive a new guitar since my last one was too old and rusty now. While we don't actually celebrate Christmas in my culture, there's still a bit of Christmas spirit in my family. Since the first day of December, I had been counting down the days left until Christmas day. Though I really hoped for a guitar, I knew it would be hard since the pandemic was spreading like crazy in my country, so it was a monumental challenge for anyone to make money those day. However, a few days ago, my dad suddenly brought home a guitar bag, and you guessed it, inside it was an acoustic guitar from Yamaha. While the guitar wasn't necessary the best, it's the Christmas spirit and the emotional value that matters. I really enjoyed my early gift for Christmas this year and have been playing constantly along side with League, it really made my day and I am so thankful for being able to have a happy holiday and wish the Mobafire community all the same. <3

@ Hazardist:
What has made Christmas a special time every year throughout my life is the national traditions that come with it, particularly the ones related to food. In my country, Venezuela, there are three dishes that are present on the family table every December: hallacas (something similar to stuffed polenta); pan de jamón (sweet bread filled with ham and raisins); and ensalada de gallina (chicken salad, which comes with potatoes, peas and is covered in mayonnaise). At home with my family we have always prepared hallacas and the salad by ourselves on the days before the 24th, which is an enjoyable process in itself because it always means holidays and spending time in family 😁 And they are all amazing food to have every day for the last weeks of the old year and the firsts of the new one.


Pan de Jamón

Ensalada de Gallina

@ lPermofrostl:
Back when I lived with my mom, money was a little tight but there was one dessert that we'd save up and all pool in for. Chocolate Lava Cake.

Imagine, hot chocolate lava with chilled vanilla icecream. It was really worth the wait.

Now that I live alone, I always get myself some in Christmas because it doesn't just feel like a delicious treat, but it tastes like home. It tastes like warmth and happiness. It tastes like the month-long anticipation before my birthday.

It feels happy like my mom's hugs, and that's what Christmas is all about to me.

@ KaiyaLuWho:
Favorites... this is such a hard question for me because, in the last year, my life has changed so damn much.

Without getting into too much detail, I'm fighting a progressive, deadly disease for which there is no known cure. It caused me to both lose and gain a lot. In the past year, I've lost a job, a house, a toxic ex-wife. But what I've gained is so much more. I moved almost 2000 miles to a beautiful place in southern California, got healthy, and got a wonderful new girlfriend who's gotten me back into gaming (LoL and Fortnite specifically). I am forging new traditions with this beautiful person. But from my childhood, I think the best tradition was decorating the tree with my mom. We'd specifically wait until about 10 days before Christmas, get a live tree either from our property or a local store, and bring out the decorations. We had so many beautiful old decorations, and it was such a treat to go through them and pick out what went on the tree that year. On XMAS day, a big meal with my sister and sometimes my brother. Just a really nice day.

I think my wish for this year is just for everyone to have what makes them the happiest; whether it be the day off to game, or spending time with loved ones and/or friends.

@ Raen:
Story time:

Once when i was few years old our parents and rest of family wanted to troll us a bit and when there was a moment to go to the bathroom to wash hands after Christmas eve, usually after we went out of bathroom presents were under xmas tree but this time when we backed to the room with my brother and cousin we were surprised that there are no presents just 3 sticks with card with our names. They told us that Santa Claus came and told them that no presents for us this time :< They would keep us trolling for longer but grandfather saw that we got sad so he got up from table, he went to front doors, opened it and said to us to come there bcs Santa Claus left presents here, when we noticed that they are behind front doors instantly smile appeared on our faces 😊

@ imStorm3r:
I remember when I was little, I used to visit my cousin a lot because he had a PC and I loved playing games with him like Jazz Jackrabbit 2, Neighbours from Hell, Mortal Kombat and other classics.

When Christmas was approaching, I was staring at the stars through the window and I was trying to contact Santa, telling him I want "a computer with CDs just like my cousin has". Because that's what he used to play the games xD

My mom overheard me talking and tried to make my wish come true. Since she didn't know much about PCs and games, she thought I was referring to a gaming console. She bought me a SNES and told me that she met with Santa and gave her the present to deliver to me. It's such a sweet memory and it makes me remember how simpler were the times when I was just a child.
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Feb 28th, 2021
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Already claimed it, thanks a lot and see you on the next one!

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