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MOBAFire Weekly Challenge #93 - Hat-Trick!

Creator: Hades4u July 12, 2021 12:32am

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Apr 15th, 2014
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Hey everyone! We're excited to announce our latest MOBAFire Weekly Challenge, a community event that will spice up your League matches! We all know that nothing's better than a good match of League, but now it will be even more exciting with our weekly challenges that anyone can take a shot at. Check out this week's challenge and good luck in trying it out! 😊

More information on the weekly challenge and how to participate can be found below.

Pro Tip: Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to never miss a weekly challenge!

Weekly Challenge - Hat-Trick!
Beat this week's challenge of getting a Triple Kill in ARAM for the chance to be one of our worthy winners!

You're free to attempt this challenge in any 5 vs 5 ARAM match against players using any champion. Remember to focus on the Nexus though, winning the match is the ultimate goal while our challenges are a fun bonus! ;)

There will be 10 winners chosen randomly from all the eligible participants that will receive a 1380 RP Code each.

Only matches that have been played during this week (Monday, 12th - Sunday, 18th PST) and have beat the challenge are eligible.

Clarification: You must get a Triple Kill as any champion in ARAM (Quadra and Penta also count). Winning the match is not required for this challenge. Only matches of ARAM count. If you would like to find more people to play with, check out the Weekly Challenges Together thread. Good luck and have fun! :)

How To Participate
  1. You must have a MOBAFire account to be able to participate. Don't have an account? You can create one here.
  2. Play this week and try to beat the Weekly Challenge - Get a Triple Kill in ARAM!
  3. Browse your match history and look for the match where you beat the challenge.
    Instructions: League of Legends Client > Profile > Match History
  4. Access the match and take a screenshot of the Stats tab. (example)

    The following information must be visible in the screenshot:
    • Summoner name and level (top right & scoreboard)
    • Match date and game mode
    • Largest Multi Kill stat from the Combat category
  5. Upload the screenshot to imgur and post the link in this thread together with a champion of your choice. You can only submit 1 match!
    Note: You can link the album or the direct image link.
  6. That's it! Winners will be announced together with the next Weekly Challenge post and will receive an email to claim their prize!
    Note: The winners' League of Legends accounts must be in good standing in order to claim their prizes (e.g. not banned).

Previous Challenge Winners!
We would like to congratulate the winners of last week's challenge! Make sure to check your emails and claim your sweet RP! :)

We wish you good luck and we're excited to hear your thoughts on our Weekly Challenges!

Screenshot Methods:
  • Use the "Print Screen" button from the top right side of your keyboard and "Paste" in Paint.
  • Use Snipping Tool (available by default on Windows).
  • Use GeForce Experience, Lightshot, OBS or other tools to take screenshots easily.

Friendly Note: We are always looking for feedback to improve our future challenges and your experience. If you wish to help, please take a few minutes and fill in this quick form! :)
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Jun 2nd, 2021
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Jul 12th, 2021
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Jul 12th, 2021
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Apr 23rd, 2020
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Funny clown man did a magic trick.
"Lord Grompulous Kevin Ribbitton of Croaksworth. I am at your service, my liege."
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Jul 1st, 2018
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Jan 16th, 2021
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Dec 23rd, 2019
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Mar 23rd, 2021
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Jun 27th, 2021
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