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Lemon law employed to get Fisker to buy back a...

Creator: aydenwilson October 14, 2012 11:38pm
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Oct 14th, 2012
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Fisker is constantly against the ropes in the PR department because of the several failures with the Karma sedan. Among others, one consumer got Fisker to buy the car back from him after he required a refund through a lemon law. Determine does not have lemon law difficulties.

When life hands Fisker lemon laws

Lemonade is not the only option when you are handed lemons. You can create a shandy pretty fast if you add a beer.

However, regarding cars, a “lemon” means a car that doesn't work, generally because of the company dropping the ball when they made the thing, selling a barely-functioning hunk of metal to someone. As it would occur, most states have what are called “lemon laws,” which force automakers to purchase a malfunctioning car back from the poor person they sold it to.

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The first lemon law suit just hit Fisker Automotive for the Karma plug-in hybrid, which is pretty fair. One owner is upset at how often the car has broken down, according to AutoBlog.

Four months in the shop

The nature of lemon laws, as they are known, varies by state, so everyone considering one would have to look up the right legislation. Getting a car company to purchase a vehicle back under the laws, though, typically involves hiring a lawyer, who may or may not have to sue the car business to get them to comply.

According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, the Fisker lemon suit involved a male in Wisconsin who has only owned his Fisker Karma for seven months. During that time, his car was in the shop for 120 days, or seven different times, to get things repaired, AutoBlog explained.

Vince Megna is the most prominent lemon law lawyer in the nation and lives in Wisconsin. That is why the male employed Megna to be his lawyer in the case. The Fisker Karma is a dang costly car, according to any, which is why it is so essential for the man to win the case. Lemon laws in Wisconsin do not apply until after the very first 30 days that the owner has the car.

Expensive car

Fisker agreed to buy back the car at a $103,550 price.

The Karma has been known to burst into flames too, which is one reason why Megna filmed a video at the car dealership where it asks if the Karma really is secure or not.

Nissan Motors agreed to purchase two Nissan Motors Leaf electric cars back from owners recently because the batteries are dying in excessive heat. That means that Karma is not the only electric car dealing with a lemon right now, according to KPHO Phoenix.

Take a peak

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Apr 11th, 2012
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Jan 18th, 2011
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