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Official statistics thread

Creator: Meiyjhe April 21, 2017 1:35pm
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Oct 27th, 2012
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Greetings ladies and gentlemen,

Honestly, looking at the name you might be like: 'eh I do not have much to contribute', BUT I do and I feel like sharing some statistics sometimes and I thought it'd be nice to just throw it in a thread.

Few days ago I wondered, people generally say that defense (MR and armor) is usually a more valuable stat than health so I wanted to know where the line is drawn. I made a little excel sheet as seen in the link down below. In this sheet the health and defense stats are compared as such that the current defenses and health can be written down and then it can be requested what we want to add (in this case a ruby crystal [150 hp as seen in A14]). Then it can be compared to defenses and see how much you would need to pay to get the same benefit as you would from a ruby crystal. This can also be done the other way around.


On the left in the yellow spaces data could be filled in and everything on the right is calculated automatically. The left section of the table represents the current situation as is filled in with the yellow boxes. The second section describes what effective health (effective health is the total health taking into account the % damage reduction from defenses) goal we wish to reach and what total defenses for this would be necessary. The third section describes the gold necessary to reach the goal using the health or defenses as stated above. Fourth section describes the influence of health regen, the difference between health regen and health regen looking at the effective health as well as showing how much time it will take to get your value back from buying defenses.

What became clear to me very quickly is that cloth armor start isn't as great as I thought it would be for when you want to be defensive early game and that defenses truly have to be taken in adjunction with HP in order to work. However, quickly after the early game the defenses become much more valuable. In this example it is clear that this point is around 1200-1300 hp.

Note that this does look at how much gold you need to equalize the raw stats rather than specific items nor does it look at health potions.

Just a little thing I thought I'd share. I was thinking of doing surveys again with MOBAFire but then not per se community awards, but instead just some random things I am curious about and then I can share results at the end. Tell me if you have interest!

PS: Tried to put in an image but didnt work for some reason *shrug*
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Jan 18th, 2011
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