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16-16 9-21-0 AD Carry

Creator: Adovid May 19, 2012 1:25am
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May 9th, 2011
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3X 9X 1X = +16 AD
9X 8X = +16 AD at level 18(+.8 per level)

1. The main objective of lane phase is to effectively last hit minions(better than the other ad carry) for as long as possible without dieing or going back to base. 16 damage with .8 extra damage per level should make this easier to do while 21 in defensive mastery should make up for the lack of defensive runes.

2. Early game as AD carry the biggest threat to dieing is spike damage from dangerous kill lane opponents. Flat resistance from runes doesn't help against surviving spike damage compared to a balance of health and resistance.

3. 32 damage(16+16) is about 10% of 300(the expected attack damage of an ad carry with a finished build) which is comparable to the bonus damage from the lower end of the offensive mastery tree such as Executioner , Lethality and Havoc against champions that haven't stacked armor. The ability to farm a complete build greatly obfuscates the need to rely on masteries for damage output against enemies that stack armor.

4. The defense from Hardiness , Indomitable and Honor Guard is comparable to the flat resistance from seals and glyphs when comparing damage received during the lane phase-- extra health from Durability , Veteran's Scars , and Juggernaut should extend survivability beyond the flat resistance from runes. Honor Guard and Indomitable are not effected by resistance.

Calculations comparing resistance:
80 damage typical ad carry lvl 1-3 with ad runes
20 natural armor for a typical ad carry for lvl 1-3

13 armor runes against 80 damage
80*100/(100+13+20) = 60.1 damage
Hardiness(+6 armor), Honor Guard(100-1.5/100=.985) and Indomitable(-2) against 80 damage
80*100/(100+20+6)*.985-2 = 60.5 damage

Starting Health:
Typical AD carry starts with about 500 health between level 1 and 3.
With Veteran's Scars , Durability and Juggernaut champion will start the game with:
500+30+6*1.03=552 health(about 50 more health lvl 1-3).
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Apr 27th, 2011
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Never take Honor Guard or Evasion , they are just **** masteries and should be never taken. Because they actually do less than 1 point in Hardiness / Resistance if you put 3 points into them.
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Jul 31st, 2011
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I don't really see the point. As Nickname already said, Evasion and Honor Guard are awful masteries and an AD carry wouldn't really benefit from going down that deep into the defense tree.
The extra health from Durability and Veteran's Scars is good and is a viable mastery path for an AD carry (if you put the other 21 points into offense)
The AD/level runes also really aren't worth it compared to armor seals which will help when trading with the enemy AD carry and not to forget reduce incoming minion damage.
As for glyphs, 6 AD at level 18 for 9 rune slots seems pretty pathetic tbh, you're much better off going for magic resistance, which you benefit well from all game.

also a small note, the 1 AD glyph isn't really worth it. Quoted from Wingsofdeathx:

"Some people run 1 AD glyph with AD reds and quints because they think it gives you a whole point of AD extra. This is false. They think this because it makes the rune page display go from +15 AD to +16 AD. This is just rounding done by the client. The actual ingame decimal values are recorded but only the rounded values are shown to you."
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Feb 8th, 2011
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Never run 21 in anything other than the offence tree for AD carries. There's too much you're missing out on.

If you put 4 points in the AD per level mastery, you're reaping about half of the bonuses that your glyphs and seals are giving. This'll open your page up for even more defenses.

You're also doing a lot less damage because you have no armor pen other than the percentage. The 6 armor pen helps a lot. Especially early game.

Running 21/9/0 is fine with either Vigor or the Veteran's Scars path but, there is no reason that any AD carry should past that far in the defense tree.
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Jun 24th, 2011
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Adovid wrote:

9X 8X = +16 AD at level 18(+.8 per level)

Oh god why.

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