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Against godlike peel

Creator: CantaGallo March 25, 2013 6:06pm
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Apr 13th, 2012
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What to do when the enemy team has a wonderful set of peeling abilities?
I've just lost a game in my bronze division ( -.- ) where we all had a great game but bot lane, rene was over farmed and scored some kills on volibear (top), akali snowballed on mordekaiser face(midlane), jax was not so usefull during lanephase and got invaded some times by nautilus ( me ). Botlane died too much times and varus was the only enemy fed ( bot with alistar).
No matter how many times we tried to reach varus to kill him they had so much cc and peeling (voli alistar jax) we lost all the teamfight and slowly lost all our advantage.
How to deal in these cases ?
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Put a gem in to their face and hit them hard

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