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AoE Master Evelynn

Creator: SuperJpg June 29, 2015 9:33am
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Jun 29th, 2015
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Hey guys!

Let me start off by saying I am not the best League of Legends player, but I am a Evelynn/jungle main. With the addition of Runeglaive in the latest patch I have been playtesting it in normals with a bunch of different champs in the jungle (ie Karthus, Diana, Evelynn, Ekko).

When I originally tried Evelynn with Runeglaive I just felt considerably weaker than using a Warrior + Trinity Force combo (Maybe it comes down to not playing enough with it?). So I went back to my typical Eve build which always worked for me...
Which is: "Warrior, Trinity Force, BotRK, Randuins, Mobi Boots, X".

However, last night I decided to give another go at Runeglaive. I wasn't quite yet ready to give up on it.
Instead of making a bruiser assassin Evelynn, I decided to take advantage of Runeglaive's AoE effect, and stack it with more AoE items. This way I could advantage of her stealth to help split push lanes and take turrets (Also AoE = More CS, and More CS = Profit).

I started by building a Stalkers - Runeglaive (I could have probably built a Ranger's, but Stalkers is great for pre-6 ganks with Eve, and Rangers might be useless with all the AoE Effects). Then I picked up a Tiamat to reset AAs and to clear waves faster. Afterwards I finished Luden's for more AoE potential, then finished Hydra. Then instead of picking up BotRK, I started built Statik Shiv for the attack speed, movement speed and the additional AoE effect.

So my AoE build now looked like this-
"Runeglaive, Ludens, Ravenous Hydra, Statik Shiv, Mobi Boots"

Every game was over before I could finish my build, so I will test it out in more games this week.
But in the games I did try it, I had roughly the same KDAs, but was clearing waves and split pushing lanes like a boss! Also I felt I had more of an impact on teamfights. I would wait for the enemy team to group up, then I'll use Eve's ulti on 3-4 people, and then run in and do insane amounts of damage to the entire enemy team with all the AoE effects.

Has anybody else tried this? I feel I might be onto something? Runeglaive AoE champs new meta? Haha just kidding.

But I would think a typical build might look like this-
"Runeglaive, Hydra, Luden's, Statik Shiv, Mobi Boots"

I was thinking the last item could be a defensive item (ie Randuin's) or another offensive item.
I think Luden's works with spellvamp, so maybe a Hextech Gunblade for more duelist potential?

Btw I was running a 25/2/3 mastery page, and a typical Eve rune page with AP/AD/Armor runes.
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Apr 19th, 2014
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In my opinion... Runeglaive is not that good.
Because if you want to go AOE pushing, you can use Iceborn Gauntlet instead.

Iceborn give more solid mana pool and more effective spell-blade with good AOE slow.
And it also provide some armor which Evelynn should have because she is melee champ.

I think if you go AD, only Iceborn Gauntlet + Ravenous Hydra should be enough to clear wave like a boss.
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