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AP Janna Mid?

Creator: Firehusary May 28, 2014 10:16am
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Jul 15th, 2013
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What you think about AP Janna? Yeah, she got hard nerfed on Q + W, but her shield also get buffed and AD got a AP scaling (wtf? xd)
Would she ne viable when ou need to counter a high burst midlaner that need to snowball? xD
I thinka good build for her would Mejai- Sorc- Seraph (highest manapool)- Rabadon- LB and Dfg for some dmg xD
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Dec 21st, 2013
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She isn't even worth it as a support, she seriously has no place in Mid lane now. Her abilities are all rubbish when they require a setup that almost every mid-laner can outpace, outplay, and out-damage.
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Apr 5th, 2012
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the only thing she can really do, imo, is to permafarm and waveclear rarther quicky. She has no sidelane pressure. Upside, she doesn't need boots due to the free MS from AP and your job should be as a support, building CDR/AP.

Regardlessshe doesn't have enough cards against the top picks.

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