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Bastion, The Arrow of the Dark

Creator: KoH_pHresh July 24, 2012 6:43pm
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Apr 28th, 2011
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v.1.2a added details on skills, a cap for Vital Point, increased delay of Arrow Mark, added damage for the snare and changed damage scaling from physical to magic damage, damage amplification on Lunging Lift, and adjusted the lore.
v.1.2 - changed 10/14/18% to just 15% for Veil of Darkness
V.1.1 - Added knockback effect on Veil of Darkness and fixed stats and skill's base damage.


Hunting at night is not a good choice for young hunters in Torya, an isolated village somewhat near Ionia, as the surrounding jungles usually have dangerous shadow spirits roaming around. Legends told that these spirits tend to target younger victims, as they like to feed on their inexperience and fear at hunting at night. There have been many tragedies involving young hunters being found lying dead with pale grey skin, and according to the Chieftain of Torya, it means that their souls have been taken by the spirits, and are forever lost.. until Bastion came.

Bastion was always the comical/flirty type of person, usually boasting his skills to women near him, much to the hunters' annoyance. However, no one can deny Bastion's talent and skill of using the Bow, and his charming good looks, and this made hunters jealous of Bastion. One day, Bastion went on hunting at night with a group of elder hunters and because of his arrogance, he strayed away from the group and eventually found himself surrounded by shadow spirits. To their surprise, however, Bastion did not look or seem scared and started fighting against them. Unfortunately, Bastion was outnumbered and inevitably defeated, and the spirit soon rushed inside of him. Bastion, who still had strength mentally, fought against the spirit in an attempt to drive it out. But suddenly, the spirit no longer fought back and stayed inside Bastion, and Bastion's Bow and Quiver and even himself is surrounded by the shadow aura. Believing he had harnessed the spirit's power, He returned to Torya and told everyone about this. The Chieftain, hoping to have his town its first champion despite his flirtatious, fun, yet kind personality, sent Bastion to the Kinkou. Althogh he prefers to go on missions alone, Bastion goes with the ninjas: Akali, Shen, and Kennen on certain occasions, to which Shen almost always interrupts Bastion's "flirtatious" conversation with Akali, even if it's not flirtatious at all. However, He cannot deny the chemistry, superb teamwork and efficiency of Bastion and Akali when they are together on the Fields of Justice.

"What makes me confused is that he has the skills and determination while fighting and still and is still able to make me smile."



HP: 476 + 78 per level
Mana: 305 + 53 per level
AD: 53 + 4.5 per level
AP: 0
AS: 0.713
Armor: 33 + 4.5 per level
MR: 29 + 6 per level
Movement speed: 315


Range, Stealth, Assassin


Passive: Vital point

Upon attacking an enemy unit 5 times, Bastion deals 35/40/45 + 2% of his current health and 1.75% of the target's maximum health as magic damage. The stack will be lost after 3 seconds of not attacking or attacking another target.
Levels at 6 and 11 respectively. ( Max damage vs monsters is capped at 400 )

Notes: Very Similar to Vayne's Silver Bolts

Q skill: Arrow Mark ( Mana cost: 40/45/50/55/60 ) ( CD: 9/8/7/6/5 secs )

Bastion's next attack deals 45/55/65/75/85 ( + 1.25 AD ) physical damage and leaves a mark on the target for 4 seconds. If the marked target is hit by any of Bastion's other damaging abilities, the mark begins to envelop around the target, snaring for 0.75 seconds after a 2.25 seconds delay, dealing 50/65/80/95/110 ( + 0.74 AD ) magic damage.

Note: The mark will appear on top of their head just like Akali and Shen's Q skill.

W skill: Fleet Strikes ( Mana cost: 50 ) ( CD: 19/18/17/16/15 secs )

Passive: Grants Bastion 4/6/8/10/12% bonus movement speed.

Active: Bastion's movement speed gradually increases up to 14/18/22/26/30% bonus movement speed over 5 seconds and the final movement speed buff will last for 2.5 seconds. Bastion also gains 20% increased attack speed during this state. Passive will not be active until cooldown is finished

E skill: Lunging Lift ( Mana cost: 80 ) ( CD: 12 secs )

Fires an aerial arrow to an enemy champion, dealing 95/125/155/185/215 ( + 1.4 AP ) magic damage, knocking up the target for 1.75 seconds and slows the target by 15/17/19/21/23% for 2.5 seconds. If the target has been afflicted by Arrow Mark, the slow would start after the snare has finished instead. Additionally, Bastion's auto-attacks against the target hit by Lunging Lift is amplified by 8%, where the debuff lasts 3.75 seconds.
( Does NOT amplify Vital Point's damage ).

Notes: Range is same as Xin Zhao's Audacious Charge

Ultimate: Veil of Darkness ( Mana Cost: 140 ) ( CD: 125/115/105 secs )

Bastion fuses with the shadows, and Bastion can, for 3 seconds, choose to summon a hail of arrows fall in an AoE, dealing 120/190/260 ( + 0.3 AD ) physical damage for free over 5 seconds. Bastion then knocks nearby enemies back a short distance for 65/95/125 ( + 0.15 AD ) in magic damage, then becomes stealthed for 3.5/4.5/5.5 seconds and is able to attack enemy champions while keeping stealth. During Stealth, He gains 18/23/28 bonus Armor and Magic Resist and 20 bonus damage. If a target has been knocked up by Lunging Lift and is hit by the arrows, the target receives 15% more damage and is stunned for 1.5 seconds.

Notes: The Arrow AoE is more or less the same as Maokai's Vengeful Maelstrom

Combo: W > Q > E > R > auto attack


Upon Champion Selection: "They'll be finished before they even know it!"


-"Money shot!"
-"Here it comes!"
-"I'm too good for this"
-I'll get back to you in a minute"
-"Watch me!"
-"Right in the heart!"
-"So stubborn"


-"On it"
-"You sure 'bout this?"
-"Time to finish 'em off"
-"Not so fast"
-"One wrong move and they're down, I tell you"
-"Can't touch this"
-"Having fun?"
-"Calm down, I heard you already"


-"I'm not sure if you're holding back, or I'm way too good for you"
-"Take a look at this handsome face. It'll be the last thing you'll see."


-"Don't waste my skills on that bush. Let someone else do it"
-"So, How's it going for you guys?"

On hitting an enemy with Arrow Mark

-"You like that?"

Upon hitting an enemy with Lunging Lift

-"Up we go!"

Upon activating Veil of Darkness

-"Oh, you're so dead"
-"No holding back"

When Bastion turns invisible

-"And I'm gone"

Soo yeah this my champ :)
Please help me in criticizing so that this champ will be as balanced and strong as possible ;)
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Jul 6th, 2012
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Lol "I'll get back to you in a minute." is what I say with my chasin Draven build. xD not bad.
Check out my guide and +Rep if I helped please.

Thanks to Wombo, JhoiJhoi, Keondre, MissMaw, Arcana3, TinyStar & Effinvices for the amazing sigs! <3

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