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[Champion idea :O] Xalia , The mind Mistress...

Creator: XeresAce January 2, 2012 6:16pm
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Nov 18th, 2011
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Xaila is Meant to be a supportive champion with lots of cc and fair damage .
She SHOULD be able to fit in the current meta IMO , but probably gonna be either wayyyy to hard to play or op , but you can tell me any tweaks you want me to make c:

IDEAS for base stats :
Health 460 max level : 1760
Mana 300 max level : 1200
Ad 50 : max level 70
Movement speed 310
magic resist 30 max lvl : 30
armor 12/15/17/19/21/23/25/27/29/31/33/35/40/45/50/55/60/65

Passive : disorient

Whenever Xaila attacks a target with basic attack's she has a 5/10/15/20/25 % to disorient the targets thoughts , making him move aimlessly around for 0.5 seconds while the target sorts out his thoughts.
The Percentage increases at levels 2 , 4 , 6 , 8 .
What is the point of a CC passive like this for a supportive character ?
Well , considering how support characters just stay in bushes and try to harass the enemy team whenever they have the chance , this is a little free cc to help your carry get some extra CS without taking too much damage , sure , 1 second is not a lot , but I've found out that whenever you attack the enemy (especially with sona's Q/ passive ) they tend to go back and allow your carry to get a bit more CS and make the enemy carry miss some too . Those 1/2 cs every few seconds can really add up and lets say if you manage to make the enemy carry lose 2 Creeps every 2 seconds for 10 seconds that is roughly 100 gold , so if you manage to do that constantly for 1 minute its 600 gold down the drain ! (assuming every creep kill gives 20 gold ) . Little things like this help you win the lane the most , just my thought tho. I like playing worthless mind games... xD

Suggestion 2 :
Has the same effect but the disorient status makes the enemy move in the opposite direction , if he goes bot he goes upwards , if he goes left , passive makes him go right :'3


Psychic enlightenment :
every 10 seconds Xalia shares her mind with an ally healing them and restoring their mana for 4% of xalias total health and mana + 0.75 of ap.

Suggestion 4 :

Psy binding :
Xaila has a chance to psy bind an ally forcing them to move in the same direction as her with a 8/15/20% speed boost.

suggestion 5 :
Mind eye:
Every minute , Xaila can reveal an area on the map , with the radius of Kogmaws ultimate.

Q: Psy leash

Xaila sends forth beams of psionic energy to wrap around the target , stunning the target in place for 1//1.5/2 seconds , 1 second at rank 1 1.5 at rank 3 and 2 at rank 5.
The aim for this spell is again , supporting your ally the best you can ! get out of jail free card , secure the kill , stop that amumu from disabeling your WHOLE team e.e
Basically what you do with sions stun :D

W: Psionic field

Xaila Summons a field of psionic force , slowing enemies that enter the field buy 8/10/12/14/16 % , after each 0.5 seconds the enemies in the field get a stack , after 2 stacks the pressure of the psionic force gets too high and the enemies start taking damage equal to 20/40/60 + 0.20 of ability power per second , the damage increases by 1 % with every stack applied , the field can remain there for up to 20 seconds as long as Xaila is in range and has enough mana to sustain it , 20/m sec at all ranks.

If allied champions stand in the field they also get stacks after 0.5 seconds.
After 2 stacks , the allied champions become enlightened and are healed for the same amount , for each stack gained after receiving the healing buff , the heal amount gets increased by 2 %.
Whenever an allied champion Leaves the field , they get a shield that absorbs up to 60/80/100/120/140 damage + 20 for each stack .

E : Mental Rush
Passive : Xaila and nearby allies get energized with mental energy , regaining 4/7/10 mana every second , or 2/3/ 4 energy every second.
Active : Xaila sends out a cloud of psionic energy , slowing and damaging 1 target and nearby enemies. The Primary use of the spell is harass , the slow will be around 6-10 % As It's her only consistent damage tool .

R : Mass Levitation

Xaila sends out a kinetic bubble that grows within three seconds , any enemy trapped within the bubble is disabled , Xalia is in a state of extreme concentration and she may not move or cast spells , hover she can still maintain psionic field .
Costs 150/200/250 mana per second and can be disrupted . This is a channeled spell , and starts channeling when the bubble first appears , so it can be canceled even before growing to full size !
I KNOW this may seam WAYYYY too op , but it can be cleansed and enemies can only stay in the bubble for up to 2 secs AFTER the bubble has done growing . If xalia blows all her mana on this spell and your team fails to kill the enemy team , its gonna be a 4v5 and you need a new team... the bubble starts at the range of cassiopeias miasma and ends at the size of jannas ulti , so you can only hit 1 target with it at first , the rest of the enemy should be able to dodge it.

The point of this support is MASS cc and decent support .
She would allow you to stay in lane forever , just like a good soraka
but also contribute more to team fights , and provide better farm for your carry.

Any tweaks are accepted , and i would like some ideas for damage /scaling , base stats and range . Thanks !

edit 1 : Toned her passive down from 40% chance to 25 % changed and the duration from 1/1.5/2 secs to 0.5 secs.
Also buffed the w to give a shield after the ally leaves the field.
Edit 2 : gave more suggestions for passives :/
Edit 3 : Selected a preferred passive , psychic enlightenment

and toned the numbers down to 4% , also added base ideas for mana and health stats early and late game :)

Thanks to :
Thanks to Koksei for the sig!
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Nov 18th, 2011
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Too much CC. Way too owerpowered.
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Apr 13th, 2011
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Yeah like Miss Maw said. It's a bit too strong in the CC. Maybe higher up the cooldowns and lower the CC numbers could help. I'd take psychic enlightment. Lowering the healing to 4% with 0.75 AP.
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Nov 18th, 2011
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Well , the whole point was a pure cc champion .
The cooldowns were supposed to be at around soraka's heal around 10-15 seconds at max levels .

The slow on mental rush is supposed to be minor , It's primary use being harassment

The stun on her Q could be lowered , but considering it's only cc and does no damage..

The ultimate could last up to 5 seconds 3 while charging and 2 more after the charge is complete ?

Woulnt 4 % be too little ?

i didn't mean 8 % of mana + 8 % of health which would result in 16 % , just 8 % in mana and health total o.o

if she starts out with 460 health and 300 mana that means

18 health every 10 seconds and 12 mana every 10 seconds without any ap.. assuming you start with a dorans ring (which you wont as a support) that's 15 ability power which is + 0.115 that's really low .

lets say lategame , you have 3000 health and 2000 mana (not official )

that means 4% of 3000 is 120 and 4% of 2000 is 80
which would be 720 health every minute late game and 480 mana lategame , which is not too shabby actually o.o

okay that's pretty good , ty :3
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Nov 18th, 2011
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What was I thinking LOL

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