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Ekko,Auto's over Q

Creator: Zosink May 29, 2015 9:32am
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May 4th, 2015
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This is a theory I have on Ekko and increasing his damage output, I don't currently own the champion but after reading on his stats a bit i was increasingly interested on his passive, without building anything onto it, the bonus damage at lv.18 goes over 200 easily, I was wondering how high this damage could go if he built AP and attack speed, I know this build will be done sooner or later but I haven't seen one yet where you build as much AP and attack speed as possible to push this passive to its limits and build similar to a attack speed TF Anyway the build....

Whits end- to increase his attack speed and lower mr plus the bonus on auto's
Nashors tooth- increase attack speed, bonus on autos and ap
Lich bane- Huge bonus damage, extra ap some mana and movement speed
rod of the age's- Makes you more bruiser like, gives good extra stats
Sorcery boot or berserk grieves
Iceborn guantlet- slow extra ap armor and mana
(considering) muramana- give big boost to auto's
(Considering) Blade of the ruined king- life steal, percentage damage

Im trying to make a strong build for him that makes his autos extremely dangerous, this build would be to put out as many autos as possible to proc the passive as often as possible but i would like some help and ideas help would be appreciated.
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Aug 3rd, 2012
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Attack Speed isnt good on him because his passive has a 3 second cooldown on people, youre better off building more AP so the passive does more damage because of its high ratio
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Nov 3rd, 2014
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The thing is: If you don't go for straight AP, but for AS, you have to survive a long time in my eyes. Because you get bursted fast, and cc isn't your friend at all.

I would build (full) AP with some HP, but not more. I've seen many people who tried this, but it didn't work. With full AP, you kill an adc faster than with AS. I think so atleast :P
But i would buy Lich Bane in every game. Just too freaking good on him!
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Dec 21st, 2013
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Like DillButt64 mentioned, his innate passive doesn't practically scale off of AS since it has a CD.

Both his survivability and damage scale off of AP, so there's little need to go for tank stats.

Nashor's Tooth is the only AS item that I consider viable on him. It scales off the AP he already has, and makes his basics even stronger.
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