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Mistress of damnation (dark mage)

Creator: cin99 December 31, 2013 6:47pm
What do you think? (please comment, too)
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Dec 31st, 2013
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I don't know, why, but I've always loved the concept of dark mistresses. When I really got into lore, I've come to the realization that there are really few of them in Leauge of Legends (three, mmaybe four). So I've come up with one. I'd really love to play her :) Sadly, I'm not very good with numbers (HP/level, movespeed, etc. finetuning), but I'll try to give some details about abilities, which one is strong, the basic mechanics, etc. She isn't intended to be something meta-breakingly new, and not THAT different from others. She's just the concept of a few hours of boredom :) Also, if you come up with a fitting name, tell me.

Lore: Dark past, definitely. Not a resident of the Shadow Isles, she only gained her power from there. She's still alive, feeding on the souls of the helpless. Her physical body is as much as a blessing to her, as a burden: a perfect facade, used to go into huge cities and feed there, and thus, invaluable to her, but it also restricts her power. She's working on the technique to make herself immortal without the need for feeding. (TODO)

Passive: The gem: She carries a powerful gem, siphoning souls of the living. While near her, enemies take a small amount of magic damage (really small, either flat or scaling, not gamebreaking. For pure annoyment and luckerchasing only) every few seconds. The gem collects the souls of her victims. Stacking buff, no maximum. Used for her ult.

Q - Enslave soul: She instanly kills a unit below 100 (maybe different health values on champs/minions?) health, then on second cast sends forth its soul, dealing magic damage to the first enemy hit and slowing them. The soul then returns to her, and is imprisoned within the gem. The first part has a short range, so no executing from the other side of the map. Usable for getting difficult lasthits and harassing.

W - Well of suffering: She unleashes souls from the gem, that attach to a certain area, damaging the first unit hit and slowing them briefly. (Prioritizing champs or random? Can they be hit by more than one?) The souls, after hitting an enemy, return to the gem. Placeable aoe. The animation is some circulating. It has a fairly large activation range, but has a large mana cost and a loong cooldown. The number of souls unleashed is increased with some ranks?

E - Embrace of death: After casting for a long time, she cripples her target with pure death, dealing a medium amount of damage and marking them. The mark amplifies damage dealt to her target, and causes their soul to enter the gem regardless of who killed it. Basic single-target ability, fairly short cooldown but super high mana cost.

Ult - Soul tear: She tears out her own dark soul, leaving her body behind. While wandering as a soul, she ignores unit collision, deals increased damage and takes reduced, and has increased movement speed. However, this requires a lot of energy, so she uses souls from the gem to empower herself and protect her body. When she deactivates the ability or runs out of souls, her soul returns to her body. A somewhat unique lore for why she's still alive. I will work on it ;) Her body is untargetable, but clearly visible. It does not grant vision, of course. It would be inefficient to use it while standing on your own nexus. W is still usable, but it can break your ult if you don't have enough stacks.
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Dec 4th, 2013
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i like the concept, however, there are some points youll have to think about:

Q: the abilitie is somewhat OP early, as 100hp is somewhere near 25 percent of the enemies maximum health in the beginning, while it is pretty much nothing in late game.
Spoiler: Click to view

how about scaling the damage of the second activasion with the hp of the executed soul?

W: you should think about a time the souls are released for, as they would stay away for ever if no one enters the area, otherwise.
Spoiler: Click to view

are returning souls visible to enemies? that would shure be nice to look at, but it can easily give away your position when casting W to help your escape through the jungle.

P.S.: maybe you could link the lore to some dark ruler like Mordekaiser or one of my creations, still needs a lore and finetuning though...
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Dec 7th, 2012
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep January 2, 2014 4:30pm | Report
I think the passive would be gamebreaking for champs like Garen, Malphite, Yasuo etc. depending on the range.

Does the ult have a cooldown?

Perhaps you can link her to Taric in some way with the gem.
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