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On Jungling Malzahar

Creator: Govilku December 8, 2012 10:54am
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Oct 21st, 2012
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Hi there! I am somewhat new 'round these parts and I would like to introduce myself by debating whether Malzahar, who can now jungle in Season 3, should actually do it.I was curious at first when I saw Hunter's Machete and how it was almost forced in the jungle. Hunter's Machete helps knock down those buffed jungle monsters quicker and with Malzahar's high damage skill-set, it was a perfect fit

Subconscious: But Isn't he slow?
Not at all! He caught me off guard with how he destroyed creeps with his passive, Summon Voidling, to tank the hits now that the monsters will attack the nearest thing, not the original attacker. Paired off with his Null Zone and Smite (Can't have a jungle discussion without smite) he clears as fast as the some of the best junglers.

Subconscious: So he's one of the best now?
Uhh.. His sustain is horrid since he actually has none. Don't expect to gank anything early with him. Oh that just gave my subconscious another good question.

Subconscious: So does his ganks suck?
If you can't use Call of the Void accurately and aren't quick enough to give them some Malefic Visions then you are laughable to all laners. You are squishy and run low on mana a lot, it's pretty much a toss-up if someone counter-jungles you because Malzahar is a good duelist when he's got mana to burn. Nether Grasp someone and their as good as dead and a good Malefic Visions and maybe a few voidling hits can really harass them but I'm not sure if that is good enough. Basically, since he has only one Crowd Control method that has a long cooldown, his ganks aren't too great.

Subconscious: There are other AP junglers you know, why take a risk with Malzahar?
Cause he is cool as hell. That is the only valid reason I could think of besides his High-Damage skills and ability to snowball and carry.

Subconscious: I'm sure someone will have better answers for me, you are too feeble-minded to handle these questions.
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The Overmyynd
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Feb 16th, 2012
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I've seen it run. It works. But there are better junglers out there, even better AP caster junglers. Cassiopeia for example is horrifically fast with her clear times, especially after she hits lvl 3.
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