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Possibilities w/Lissandra

Creator: DasFroste May 1, 2013 7:21pm
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Apr 30th, 2013
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w/Lissandra being released it came to my mind all the possibilities that she could be used for all though most of these ideas haven't really been tested. With her passive I feel like she could be a great support her Root (W) at level 1 has a 18 second cool down the same as her passive. With this i feel like an adc can get a decent amount of hits off but the only downfall is she has to be close. Also her (Q) and (E) can both do damage from a decent range and her (E) can be used as a gap closer or get away. So run in root (W) and (E) out if needed. Plus her ult is great due to the damage, slow, and 1.5 second stun. But imo its like Kayle she is a decent-good support but there are better supports out there. Also i feel like Lissandra could also jungle and be good at it use her (E) over wall and get in (R) to stun and close gap (W) to stun again and (Q) to slow or get damage off. I'm hoping to hear from everyone and see there opinions and especially from those who have played her. (I have only seen people play her and read up on her)
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Dec 16th, 2012
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i got her and played fora few games mid - i think she might be a decent support - probably would not be as strong as a thresh support but with her kit she can harras pretty well and the ability to lock a target in place could be quite strong - but then again.. if you can do it with Lissandra why not do it with Renekton or pantheon... Lissandra mid is probably where you will see her the most in short lane she is soo hard to gank

i have tried pantheon support actually ... and it works pretty well if you have the right amount of aggro
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Apr 2nd, 2013
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Good mid. High utility, great initiation with ultimate. Very hard to gank mid. Don't see her snowballing though.

Terrible jungle. Any jungler that is early-game dominant will stomp her.

Meh support. Squishy and slow as hell. She can't E while CC'd. I'm sure somebody will play this to perfection, but I don't see her on the same level as mid tier supports.
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Aug 22nd, 2012
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Lissandra is incredible.
The only reason why she hasn't been noticed yet is because her playstyle totally conflicts with the usual idea of a mid champ.
Instead of passive farming and playing realy defensive, she needs to be punishing her opponent EVERYTIME her passive is off cooldown with her q. She needs to have wards up and she needs to only use her other moves for escape.
This allows her to shove the lane, deprive weak early game mids of a ton of farm and give complete lane dominance.

At level 6 she also gets INSANE diving potential with her ulti, if they are half hp hugging their turret all she has to do is combo you and ult herself, taking zero turret aggro and picking up a kill.
She also has great roaming since her ganks are incredible as well. Don't get me started on her teamfights either.
Amazingly strong champ.

Mundo goes where he pleases.

And pleases, where he goes.

Thalia Kael
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Dec 5th, 2011
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I saw an enemy support with her and she did really well

In lane she would initiate onto the enemy adc with her e and then snare with her w
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Apr 29th, 2012
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My opinions and current thoughts:

Support is bleh. Her spell ranges are pretty bad compared to other AP supports like Lux and Zyra so if you go in to snare you're just opening yourself up to Taric Dazzles, Death Sentence, Zenith Blade and all that jazz. Also I've found her mana to be pretty awful and since all you can really do as bottom lane is poke you'll go oom so fast it's not even funny. Oh and everything she has is AoE so she can steal farm from her ADC and push the lane.

Mid is fine. Give her blue and she'll just poke and farm all day. Good escape and CC. I've only had issues with really long ranged mages who can just stay out of range of Ice Shard.

Top is great. You might not get blue depending on which side of the map you're on but her spells is easier to land since you're not always fighting ranged champions. Really squishy though, I consistently beat her with anyone bursty like Kha'Zix, but I've gotten steamrolled as champs like Shen and Malph.

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