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Size is a Liability: A Teemo Rework Idea

Creator: OTGBionicArm April 12, 2015 12:24pm
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Jan 8th, 2012
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ok, so I think that I would consider something like that pretty obnoxious, but less so that teemo right now, so mission accomplished I guess. I am pretty sure that it would be a personal thing and not general consensus of 95% of the community.
I also have a couple of questions concerning his w:
Does Teemo have vision of the affected area? Can the enemies see it?

edit: You might also wanna say something about the mana cost of his e

E has no cost as it on a charge system. Only reason I left a cost on his R is to make him feel a bit more constrained to mana. As for the W, I'd probably say it's kind of like a Rengar ult type of deal. You alerted of his presence in the area, but don't really know how far that reaches. Teemo himself would see a visual circle of the area he can move around in.
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