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Syndra Jungle is now a more than Viable option,...

Creator: balisweats February 24, 2015 12:26pm
Have you Tried Syndra Jungle?
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Feb 23rd, 2015
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First thing I want to bring your attention to is Elise.

Think about it for a second, the difference and similarities that Elise and Syndra bring to the jungle. Both deal AP damage and both have amounts of utility. But when you get down to the crunching the numbers and optimizing the masteries and runes for them, you'd be amazed. I don't want to just be spouting all this nonsense about Syndra Jungle without any back up, so i want to challenge every elise player out there to try this syndra jungle thing once. Just once, and let me know the viability you find within her play.

I have created a guide for which i will put a link to in this later on. In this guide i have optimized the runes and masteries and playstyle and jungle routes for this to work out.

But let's theorycraft here for a moment. Why is syndra jungle so good?

Imagine you are the ADC of blue team in bot lane, pushing outwards past half way point, you hit level 6, and its barely out of laning phase. All of a sudden you see a syndra wander into your warded tribush, what are your options?

Get her out, Pretend you dont see her and bait her to the counter gank, Go behind your turret, so much more...

Either option you pick, you are screwed already. (if the enemy support has cc, Leona for example or thresh) That second she lands her stun on you, you are pushed out to the enemy team stunned, and defenseless and you are forced to use a summoners. Her stun is a bit harder to land, but its like a far range leona stun that keeps her in a safe position. If you go and focus syndra, the enemy support and ADC are going to focus you. If you run the opposing laners can bully you out of cs and exp and win for the next level up trade.

Now i know not every gank is going to be perfect, there are thousands if not millions of outcomes, but the moment you get that ball rolling on syndra... its pretty much GG.

Here's the link to the guide I've been talking about, the blueprint of this new meta, and i would like to make it very clear, do not abuse this as it is super OP, dont be BM because i have been banned and forced into summoner name changes for a couple taunts here and there.. All im saying is that this works, try it for yourself and leave some feedback for people who are wondering the same.

Syndra Jungle 5.3+
{Link to guide removed by mod. Please no advertising.}
Well, i'm not sure if the mod was just doing his job or whatever, But i don't see any harm in letting people know where to find my link to a guide when they might be interested in viewing it. But now you guys will have to go through the process of googling "Syndra Jungle 5.3+" to find the guide, and i dont even understand how this is advertising, its a link to this very same website...

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Sandrino Rhys
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Dec 11th, 2012
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Regarding why the link was removed: It is against the site Rules to advertise guides in the community.

Regarding Syndra jungle: Honestly, your biggest issue by far is sustain. In the comparison to Elise, Elise has a couple things Syndra doesn't. She has Spiderlings and Skittering Frenzy, which allow her to easily sustain through the jungle. She also has an execute in Venomous Bite, which makes it much easier for her to secure dragon/baron than it otherwise would be. These two things are basically the difference between them.

Not to say Syndra jungle is the worst thing in the world, but in this meta of tank junglers, tank top laners, tank suports and sometimes even tank mid laners... a burst jungler doesn't seem like the best idea.

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