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Try Me Out

Creator: JohnTheGent January 2, 2014 10:12am
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Dec 6th, 2013
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DillButt64 wrote:

this isnt an official Riot forum so your idea isnt going to get much from here, i however think is a pretty lame idea if you really want to try a champion that isnt on rotation a lot just buy it, sooner or later youll get every single champion

Not everyone has a lot of money to buy any champion whenever they want, and also, some people don't wanna wait until they have every champion, and if they've been saving up for a while and can't decide who they want to pick they don't want to waste all their IP/RP on a champion they don't like.
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Aug 3rd, 2012
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ive only been playing for about a year and i have more than enough champions i want to use, and i own more than half the champions, most being in the 4800 range since i down own all the 3150 and lower ip champions

and i havnt spent a single dollar on champions

its an ok idea but kinda pointless because 1 game isnt enough to know if you want a champion or not and because sooner or later youll enough most of the champions you actually like and want to play consistently
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Aug 21st, 2012
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Janitsu wrote:

Oh wow, it's hard to post anything because your ego takes so much space.

jantoosoo wryy???????????
-NA- Veng Lmfao
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Jul 21st, 2012
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There is already a system for this, it's the free week rotation.
All it requires is patience and a pinch of luck.

I own 60 champs. Those 60 are the champs that I had a spark of interest in.
I only play Lee Sin and occasionally Vayne (I play a heap of supports well but I prefer Lee Sin...)
Don't stress out over buying heaps of champs. Buy 1-2 that you really love and stick with them!
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