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Twitch streaming: Fun for viewers

Creator: Scottieo February 18, 2015 8:04pm
Scottieo's Forum Avatar
Feb 18th, 2015
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Hey all,

I want to make Twitch streams of league games more fun to watch, and I'm collecting feedback from the community to see what people want.

I'm asking for two things, please:

1) Check out this channel link for an example of one idea to make watching streams more fun. Just something I tossed together to demonstrate the point, it's a very rough version of a 24/7 running betting ring where you can wager on outcomes of live league games. Kind of like a very rough version of saltybet, but for league games. Take a look and let me know first impressions or how the idea should change.

2) Take this 2 minute survey on what could make streams more fun to watch.

I'll report back with my findings as I uncover them so we can discuss more,
ArgusGaming's Forum Avatar
Feb 13th, 2015
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I am not 100% sure about how you should get your Stream going good as the pro players'. But one thing I would like to say is that you should try to be as original as possible. By that I mean different (in a good way). What I am thinking atm, is that I have had enough of these "screaming" streams, where people are yelling. Someone thinks this is fun. Seems like the original thin these days is to be normal, playing, having fun, connect to audience. Here is my Youtube Channel. Don't know if this will give you some inspiration, because it isn't actually the same as twitch, but it some ways it is. I hope this helped you. Tell me if there is something I might be able to answer on!

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