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Patch 14.10 - All Item Changes

The Mid Scope Update is coming on Wednesday, the 8th of May, and bringing a slew of item changes along with it. New items, returning items, removed items, and more - read on to catch up with all of the item changes coming with Patch 14.10.

NEW Items

Fated Ashes


40 Ability Power

Unique Passive - Inflame: Ability damage causes enemies to burn, dealing 7 magic damage every second for 3 seconds. This damage is increased to 27 magic damage per second against monsters.

Navori Flickerblade

ZEAL + DAGGER X2 + 900

40% Attack Speed / 25% Critical Strike Chance / 7% Movement Speed

Unique Passive - Transcendence: Basic attacks on-attack reduce the remaining cooldowns of your basic abilities by 15%.

Scout’s Slingshot

DAGGER + 600

20% Attack Speed

Unique Passive - Bullseye: Your next damage instance against an enemy champion deals 40 bonus magic damage (40 second cooldown). Basic attacks reduce its cooldown by 1 second.

Symbiotic Boots

BOOTS + 600

35 Movement Speed

Passive: Gain Empowered Recall Empowered Recall.

Passive: After travelling for a total of 150,000 units of distance, capped at 500 at a time, upgrade this item to Synchronized Souls.

Synchronized Boots


45 Movement Speed

Unique Passive: Gain Empowered Recall Empowered Recall.

Unique Passive: Gain 45 bonus movement speed while out-of-combat.

Yun Tal Wildarrows


65 Attack Damage / 25% Critical Strike Chance

Unique Passive - Serrated Edge: Critical strikes cause the target to bleed, dealing 35% AD bonus physical damage over 2 seconds. Additional applications can stack and refresh the duration.

Returning Items

Blackfire Torch


90 Ability Power / 25 Ability Haste / 600 Mana

Unique Passive - Baleful Blaze: Ability damage causes enemies to burn, dealing 20 (+ 4% AP) magic damage per second for 3 seconds. This damage is increased「 to 40 (+ 4% AP) magic damage per second 」against monsters.

Unique Passive - Blackfire: For each champion, epic monster, and large monster affected by Baleful Blaze, gain 4% AP.



45% Attack Speed / 45 Movement Speed

Unique Passive - Like The Wind: Basic attacks on-hit grant a stack of Like The Wind for 6 seconds, refreshing on subsequent attacks. For each stack, gain 5% bonus movement speed, stacking up to 3 times for a total of 15%.

Overlord’s Bloodmail

TUNNELER X2 + 1000

500 Health / 40 Attack Damage

Unique Passive - Tyranny: Gain bonus attack damage equal to 2% of your bonus health.

Unique Passive - Retribution: Gain 0% − 10% (based on missing health) bonus attack damage.

Major Item Changes

Major item changes constitute changes made to an item’s passive, whether that be the removal of the item’s unique passive, a significant change to how it works, or the addition of a brand new passive. Like items that were only minorly changed, the major item changes also include stat and recipe alterations in addition to the passive changes.

Blade of the Ruined King


55 Attack Damage / 30% Attack Speed / 10% Life Steal

Unique – Mist's Edge: Basic attacks deal bonus physical damage on-hit equal to  (Melee role 9% / Ranged role 6%) of target's current health, with a minimum of 15 against all units and a maximum of 100 against minions and monsters.

Unique Passive - Clawing Shadows: New Effect: Basic attacks on-hit against enemy champions apply a stack for 6 seconds, stacking up to 3 times. The third stack consumes them all to slow the target by 30% for 1 second (15 second cooldown).



80 Attack Damage / 18% Life Steal

Unique Passive - Ichorshield: Convert excess healing from Life steal icon life steal into a shield for up to 50 − 400 (based on level), which slowly decays after being out of combat for 25 seconds.



60 Ability Power / 100% Base Mana Regen / 16% Heal & Shield Power

Unique Passive - First Light: Gain 2% heal and shield power and 10 ability power for every additional 100% base mana regeneration.

Essence Reaver


60 Attack Damage / 25 Ability Haste / 25% Critical Strike Chance

Unique Passive - Essence Drain: Basic attacks on-hit restore 15 (+ 10% bonus AD) mana.

Lord Dominik's Regards


40 Attack Damage / 35% Armor Penetration / 20% Critical Strike Chance

REMOVED Unique Passive - Giant Slayer: Deal 0% − 15% (based on maximum health difference) bonus damage against enemy champions with greater maximum health than you.



25 Attack Damage / 20% Critical Strike Chance

REMOVED Unique Passive - Precision: Basic attacks deal 20 bonus physical damage on-hit against minions and monsters.

Phantom Dancer

ZEAL + DAGGER X2 + 900

60% Attack Speed / 25% Critical Strike Chance / 12% Movement Speed

Unique Passive - Spectral Waltz: Become permanently Ghost ghosted.

Randuin's Omen


350 Health / 75 Armor

Unique Passive - Humility: Unleash a shockwave around you that Slow icon slows nearby enemies by 55% for 2 seconds (60 second cooldown; Range center 500 range).

REMOVED Unique Passive - Rock Solid: Every first incoming instance of post-mitigation basic damage per cast instance is reduced by 5 (+ 3.5 per 1000 maximum health), maximum 20% reduction each.

Runaan's Hurricane


40% Attack Speed / 25% Critical Strike Chance / 7% Movement Speed

Unique Passive - Wind's Fury: Basic attacks on-attack fire additional bolts at up to 2 enemies in front of you, each dealing 40% AD physical damage. Bolts apply On-hit icon on-hit effects at 100% effectiveness and are affected by Critical strike icon critical strike modifiers.

The bolts will target the closest enemies to you that are not the main target.

REMOVED Unique Passive - Peck: Basic attacks deal 30 bonus magic damage on-hit.

Statikk Shiv


50 Attack Damage / 40% Attack Speed

Unique Passive - Electrospark: After killing a minion or monster, unleash an electric spark at the dead target's location which chains to the closest target within 500 units, repeating from the new one to strike up to 6 total, dealing 90 magic damage to each (3 second cooldown).

Unique Passive - Electroshock: After scoring a champion takedown within X seconds of damaging them, unleash a lightning shock at the dead target's location which chains to the closest target within 650 units, repeating from the new one to strike up to 186 total, dealing (270 magic damage) to each.

Knight’s Vow


15 Ability Haste / 40 Armor / 300 Health / 100% Base Health Regen

Unique Passive - Pledge: Designate the target allied champion as being Worthy, forming a Focused Resolve tether between you and them. Champions can only be designated as Worthy by one Knight's Vow at a time. You cannot be designated as Worthy by an ally's Knight's Vow (60 second cooldown; Range center 1250 range).

Unique Passive - Sacrifice: While your Worthy ally is tethered to you and you are above 30% of your maximum health, redirect 12% of the pre-mitigation physical and magic damage they take to you. Additionally, you Heal power icon heal for 10% of the damage dealt by your Worthy ally to champions.

Kraken Slayer


50 Attack Damage / 40% Attack Speed / 7% Movement Speed

Unique Passive - Bring It Down: Basic attacks on-hit grant a stack for 3 seconds, up to 2 stacks. At 2 stacks, the next basic attack consumes all stacks to deal 140 − 310 (based on level) bonus physical damage on-hit, increased by 0% − 50% (based on target's missing health), for up to 210 − 465 (based on level) bonus physical damage.

Minor Item Changes

Minor item changes constitute changes to an item’s price, or simply a shift in numbers, such as Warmog’s Armor now granting 1000 Health instead of 750.

Bami Cinder - Now grants 200 Health instead of 300. Now grants 5 Ability Haste.

Black Cleaver - Unique Passive: Carve's Armor Reduction per stack increased to 6% from 5%, and the maximum armor reduction has been increased to 30% from 25%.

Dagger - Now grants 10% Attack Speed instead of 12%.

Echoes of Helia - Unique Passive: Soul Siphon's maximum shards reduced to 2 from 3. The healing per shard has been increased from 40 to 75. Maximum healing has increased to 150 from 120. Soul Siphon's damage per shard has increased to 60 from 45, and its maximum damage reduced to 120 from 135.

Fimbulwinter - Now grants 550 Health instead of 400. Unique Passive: Awe's mana ratio changed to 15% bonus mana instead of 8% maximum mana.

Hearthbound Axe - Now grants 20 Attack Damage instead of 15, and 20% Attack Speed instead of 20%.

Hollow Radiance - Grants 450 Health instead of 600. Now grants 10 Ability Haste.

Immortal Shieldbow - Grants 55 Attack Damage instead of 50. Critical Strike Chance has been increased to 25% from 20%, but no longer grants Life Steal.

Infinity Edge - Now costs 3400 instead of 3300, and grants 80 Attack Damage instead of 65.

Luden's Companion - Unique Passive: Load now gains 6 Shot Charge stacks to Fire. Fire primary damage increased to 60 from 45, and secondary damage increased to 50% of primary damage instead of 35%.

Mercurial Scimitar - No longer grants Critical Strike Chance. Now grants 10% Life Steal.

Mortal Reminder - Now grants 25% Critical Strike Chance instead of 20%.

Plated Steelcaps - Costs 1000 gold instead of 1100, and grants 25 Armor instead of 20. Damage Reduction reduced to 8% from 12%.

Rapid Firecannon - No longer grants Attack Damage, but grants 35% Attack Speed instead of 20%, and 5% more Critical Strike Chance, bringing it up to 25%.

Recurve Bow - Passive: Sting now deals physical damage instead of magical.

Shurelya's Battlesong - Now grants 50 Ability Power instead of 55, and 5% Movement Speed instead of 8%.

Sunfire Aegis - Grants 350 Health instead of 500, but grants 10 Ability Haste from now on as well.

Terminus - Provides 15 Lethality instead of 16, but grants more Attack damage - 60 from 55 - and more Critical Strike Chance - 25% instead of 20%.

The Collector - Now grants 60 Attack Damage, up from 55. Grants 25% Critical Strike Chance instead of 20%, but 15 Lethality instead of 16.

Unending Despair - Unique Passive: Anguish has a cooldown of 5 seconds now instead of 7.

Verdant Barrier - Total cost has gone down to 1600 from 1700 gold.

Warmog's Armor - Now grants 1000 Health instead of 750, though its base Health Regeneration has gone down to 100% from 200%.

Winter's Approach - Now grants 550 Health instead of 400. Unique Passive: Awe's mana ratio has changed to 15% bonus mana from 8% maximum mana.

Zeal - Now provides 20% Critical Strike Chance, up from 15%.

Zeke's Convergence - Grants more Health - 300 from 200, but grants 10 Ability Haste instead of 20. Also grants less Armor, 25 from 30. No longer grants Mana, but now grants 25 Magic Resistance.

Several items haven't received any changes other than their recipe, and since neither their stats nor prices have shifted in any way, we have not listed these items in the article.

Removed Items

The following items have been totally removed from the game. Mobility Boots have been essentially substituted for Symbiotic Boots, while the Navori Flickerblade is obviously the new version of the  Navori Quickblades. While Scout’s Slingshot is not entirely similar to Kircheis’ Shard, it did replace the item in many legendary recipes, such as Rapid Firecannon or Statikk Shiv.

  • Stormrazor

  • Navori Quickblades

  • Mobility Boots

  • Kircheis Shard

  • Corrupting Potion

  • Anathema’s Chains

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