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League of Legends Patch 14.3 Summary

Patch 14.3 is here with various champion changes, system updates, item updates, new skins and much more that we'll go through in this quick article!

The patch features changes ranging from champions and items to system adjustments. Champions like Azir and Brand have been nerfed, and on the other side champions such as Aurelion Sol and Nidalee have received buffs. Patch 14.3 also includes a few changes towards a bunch of different items that you can build on the rift.

Along with all of the above, a lot of system changes were made during this patch to touch up on certain aspects such as the Rift Herald, ARAM or even the behavioral systems, the main purpose of these changes is to make it feel more satisfying for players.

Have you been enjoying lunar revel recently? A new slew of Heavenscale skins are now available! Add Heavenscale Diana, Heavenscale Ezreal, Heavenscale Janna, Heavenscale Kai'Sa, Heavenscale Lee Sin, Heavenscale Master Yi or even the brand new Prestige Heavenscale Ezreal or Divine Heavenscale Lee Sin to your collection! Or, if you're a connoisseur, then you can snag them all!

Summary Infographic created by Riot

Upcoming Skins

Heavenscale Lee Sin (1820 RP)

Divine Heavenscale Lee Sin

Heavenscale Master Yi (1350 RP)

Heavenscale Janna (1350 RP)

Heavenscale Ezreal (1350 RP)

Heavenscale Kai'Sa (1350 RP)

Heavenscale Diana (1350 RP)

Prestige Heavenscale Ezreal

Upcoming Chromas

Heavenscale Lee Sin

Heavenscale Master Yi

Heavenscale Janna

Heavenscale Ezreal

Heavenscale Kai'Sa

Heavenscale Diana

That's Everything!

This was our MOBAFire summary of the 14.3 changes arriving to League of Legends, good luck in the new patch!

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