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LoL Devblog: New Champion prices, Gamemode, Wild Rift Skins and more...

In the new recent LoL dev blog presented by Riot Brightmoon and Riot Meddler, they talked about champion updates, ASUS, changes to prices, lore,  the new game modes, and more things to come in the next few months.

To start it off, Meddler and Brightmoon shared their thoughts on Champion Updates, especially how important the focus on quality and evergreen experience for both new and older champions (Taking into account the Reworks). 

More ASUS coming this year - LoL Dev Blog

Tying to that, a lot more ASUs (Art & Sustainability Updates) are coming in 2023. This is because they don’t require as much work while immensely improving the "feel" of champions, making it very worthwhile for the game. And with plans to improve pacing (Working with two at the same time) for sure there's going to be more visual upgrades to older champions left and right. 

Upcoming ASUs are for Lee Sin and Teemo.

Lee Sin Asu

Champion Pricing Updates -  Less BA and New Bundles

Heavy changes to the champion pricing system, for starters, there’s going to be a reduction of prices in many champions with the caveat that some of them will actually rise in price. 

However, it is still going to be much more beneficial for the players rather than making it harder. To learn more details check this entry (More Champion Bundles). - Update: Chinese LoL website leaked the upcoming changes in prices. This Reddit post have all the details.

Champion Bundle Updates

More cohesiveness in the Lore

With the recent success of titles such as Legends Of Runeterra (Card Game), and Arcane (TV Series), that go more in-depth on League of Legends lore, consistency across all titles becomes more important (And necessary!).

In the LoL Devblog, Riot Meddler shared that they are working heavily on making sure narratives are cohesive across all of the Runeterra titles (Makes sense with the announced Riot MMO).

Still, they didn't share more details on how they will do it. 

Return of Game Modes and updates on the new 2V2V2V2 Map

Riot updated the feedback on Pre Season Aram changes, and will also look into the Tower Rubble complaints. What’s more important is info on the upcoming 2v2v2v2 new mode, to find out more about it you can check this entry (Spoiler: Deathmatch, and if you lose you can Queue up again).

Augments for the New Game Mode

Wild Rift Skins & Updated Splash Arts coming to LoL PC

On another note from the LoL dev blog, Riot shared the plan of porting over some of the Wild Rift Skins and Splash Arts to the main game. Mostly to bring some of the unique skins, and to also update older splash arts. 

Regarding skins they are working on right now, they talked about starting with popular ones such as Star Guardian Seraphine , Redeemed Xayah and Rakan. They also disclose that if they do well, more will come (Mythmaker Gwen Plz).

Gwen Mythmaker from Wild Rift

On Splash arts, the one that is coming in a few patches is Rugged Garen. Sadly, they still haven’t decided upon a date for the Wild Rift skins.

Clash Returns in March, and ARAM Clash updates

Due to the Social Engineering Attack that happened a few days ago, Clash is returning in March instead of the usual date in February. Also, ARAM Clash success means that it will come back, there’s still no date for its returns though.

And if you are a South East Asia League player,  be prepared that Clash is coming for the first time in March.

Better late than never

Regional & Global Tech Upgrades - Last on the LoL Dev Blog

And last on this LoL dev blog, updates on technicals – more cloud servers usage to improve login queues, hosting on servers closer for South East Asia (To Improve ping), and general upgrade hardware for Europe Nordic & East, and Korea coming the middle of the year.  

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