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Home // News // LoL Zeri is getting nerfs ahead of MSI - Finally!

LoL Zeri is getting nerfs ahead of MSI - Finally!

LoL Esport fans aren’t happy with Zeri's presence in pro play after her domination of the pick/ban phase across all leagues. After months of complaints, Riot has finally heard them and decided to nerf the ADC.

Zeri is one of those League of Legends champions that once released found a home rapidly in Pro Play. Her unique kit design of having auto attacks as a skill shot, insane mobility and especially pop-off moments in teamfights made it a champion attractive to the Elite Pro Players across the world. 

Zeri in 2022 instantly took over the competitive scene. This is even with the fact that Zeri had a weak early game, the strong teams always figured out a way to mitigate the laning and the create perfect scenario for the Spark of Zaun to shine. Because of that, she dominated almost the entire year until nerfs before Worlds 2022.  

Reddit Post Complaints

Short after ADC supports got nerfed in the first weeks of Season 13 scaling picks became more popular, being Zeri one of them.

It's fair to say that people didn’t take well her overbearing presence in Pro Play. A few months have passed and a recent post on Reddit channeled all the frustration in one place. 

Quoting the Original Poster (OP) " feels straight up unfair seeing a Zeri go like 1v4 and the enemy team has to run away", you can see a clear example of this in the recent Tie Breaker match between MAD Lions and Team Heretics. In late game, there was a fight around Dragon that showcases clearly why this champ is broken in the right hands

A light at the end of the tunnel - not for Zeri 

A few hours ago, Riot Phroxzon released a post on his Twitter with the preview of upcoming changes planned for patch 13.7. To surprise of many it included Zeri nerfs, finally. 

One thing to point out is that Zeri nerfs were not final, in the same Reddit post Riot Phreak insisted on his stand on not nerfing Zeri, especially after nerfs to ADC items and runes in patch 13.6. Just a few hours after, Phroxzon made the tweet on Zeri nerfs, so they were up to debate hours before.

Are these changes going to stop pro players from picking her up? They are sure going to make her early more vulnerable and take out plenty power from her Ultimate, but as always, time will tell if these are enough to stop the Spark of Zaun...

For more coverage, you can check our News section. Want to pick Zeri up before nerfs are coming and feel like Viper, Gumayusi, Stixxay or Carzzy? Check out MOBAfire guides section to look for the best Zeri guides

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