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TFT Inkborn Fables Patch 14.12

Inkborn Fables has received a new update! Read on to learn about all the changes that have gone live on Wednesday in Teamfight Tactics, including the kick-off of the 5-Year Bash!

 In a Nutshell ‎ 

It's TFT's birthday, and all eyes are on the new game mode, Pengu's Party, as well as the plethora of rewards being handed out to celebrate the anniversary.

As for the live patch, this is another buff-happy patch, aside from the small nerf to Snipers and Duelists. Notably, Lissandra and Lux have both been buffed, as well as the Boiling Point Gold Augment, so perhaps, even with Ashe's indirect nerf, we're bringing out the fine china once again. Reapers will now be able to apply Bleed more reliably, and with Yone and Kayn both getting buffed, you may be seeing more Reaper comps once again.

It may also be a good time to try out Exalted, as it has recieved another large buff, though it requires you to go all in and secure all 5 Exalted champions, rather than dip in for 3.

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 5-Year Bash Is Live ‎

Celebrate five years of Teamfight Tactics with a free Event Pass and 10 days of Login Rewards. You'll be able to party in a new, limited-time game mode called Pengu's Party, which plays out similarly to Patch 14.12's Inkborn Fables, with the added addition of a plethora of Traits from different past Sets. Read up on all of the festivities in our 5-Year Bash article right here and be on the lookout for our deep dive in all of the re-added traits!

 Significant Changes ‎

Trait Changes

DUELIST / Darius, Yasuo, Qiyana, Tristana, Volibear, Lee Sin, Irelia

NERF As a Duelist dip has been feeling a little too powerful, Duelists will now gain less Attack Speed per stack when you've fielded 4 or 6 Duelists, while the stacking power remains the same at 2 and 8. Duelists now gain 5/9/13/18% Attack Speed per stack.


BUFF Exalted is still not feeling quite strong enough. When fielding 5 Exalted, you'll now gain 2 experience per turn, rather than one.

REAPER / Kha’Zix, Kindred, Yone, Kayn

BUFF A Reaper's bleed will now last for 2 seconds rather than 3, while doing the same amount of damage. This quality-of-life change should allow Reapers to proc bleeding more often and more reliably.

SNIPER / Caitlyn, Kog’Maw, Senna, Aphelios, Ashe

NERF Snipers feel a little too strong now and will now deal 8/17/33% incrased damage per hex away from their target, down from 8/18/35%.

TRICKSHOT / Sivir, Teemo, Bard, Kai’Sa, Xayah

BUFF To compensate for the previous Xayah nerf, Trickshots are getting a bit more kick in their ricochet damage, dealing 45/60% of their previous damage with ricochets, up from 40/60%.

Unit Changes


No changes.



BUFF Aatrox - Now deals more damage with their ability, from 260/390/600% AP to 275/415/645% AP.

BUFF Janna - Now deals more damage with their ability, from 180/270/415% AP to 190/285/445% AP.

BUFF Lux - Now deals more damage with their ability, from 225/340/525% AP to 240/360/560% AP.

BUFF Riven - Now deals more damage with their ability, from 190/190/200% AD to 200/200/215% AD. Riven's third cast damage is also increased from 300/300/310% AD to 310/310/325% AD.

BUFF Senna - Now deals more damage with their ability, from 230/230/245% AD + 10/15/25% AP to 245/245/260% AD + 10/15/25% AP.



BUFF Soraka - Now deals more damage with their ability, from 260/390/600% AP to 260/390/650% AP. The secondary damage on her ability is also increased, from 120/180/290% AP to 120/180/305% AP.

BUFF Yone - Attack speed is increased to 0.9, from 0.85.



BUFF Annie - Now has a smaller mana pool, 70/120, down from 70/140.

BUFF Galio - Now has a smaller mana pool, 70/120, down from 70/140.

BUFF Kayn - Attack Damage is increased to 80, from 75.



BUFF Hwei -  Now deals more damage with their ability, from 180/270/2000% AP ⇒ 195/290/2000% AP.

BUFF Lissandra - Now has a 45% chance to drop Loot when she uses her ultimate, up from 40%.

Augment Changes


No changes.


BUFF Boiling Point (Porcelain) - You'll now get a Lux and an Amumu when you select this Augment, rather than only a Lux.

BUFF Built Different II: Now grants more Attack Speed, 45/50/55/60%, instead of 40/45/50/55%.

BUFF Crown Guarded - Crownguard buff effect has been increased to 100%, from 75%.

NERF Long Shot (Sniper) - Now grants 15% Attack Speed instead of 18%.

NERF Wrath of the Moon (Umbral) now deals less damage per second, 3.5% down from 4%.


BUFF Ba-BOOM - Champions now deal 90% more damage for 2 seconds after every other cast, up from 75%.

Item Changes


BUFF Lich Bane - The holder's first attack after each ability cast now deals even more damage, from 180/240/300/360/420 to 200/270/340/410/480.

NERF Suspicious Trench Coat- Now grants less Health - 100, down from 250.


ADJUST Aegis of the Legion - Now displays VFX during the planning phase of affected hexes.

ADJUST Spite - Spite's effects now stack, and the VFX has improved to match the explosion range more accurately. Its Attack Damage/Ability Power Reduction to enemies has been lowered to 25% (from 40%), as has the Attack Damage/Ability Power increase to allies, to 40% (from 50%). The duration has been increased to 15 seconds, up from 10.


ADJUST Crest of Cinders (Red Buff) - Now gives 10% increased damage to the holder, up from 5%. The Burn and Wound debuff now has a 5 second duration, instead of 30 seconds.

BUFF More-Morellonomicon (Morellonomicon) - Now grants more Attack Speed - 25%, up from 10%.

Minor Changes ‎

Unit Changes

  • BUFF Sivir Ability duration: 6 seconds > 6/7/8 seconds

  • NERF Nautilus Health: 1150 ⇒ 1100

Augment Changes

  • BUFF Risky Moves (Silver) - Now grants 33 gold, up from 30.

  • NERF Combat Caster (Gold) - Shield now lasts 4 seconds, down from 6.

  • BUFF Trade Sector (Gold) - Now grants 4 gold, up from 2.

  • BUFF Shopping Spree (Prismatic) - Now grants 4 gold, up from 3.

 Other Changes ‎

Shop Level Odds

Your level odds at Level 7 are changing from 20/33/36/10/1% to 19/30/40/10/1%, which means that you’ll be less likely to get 1-cost and 2-cost units at that level, and more likely to get 3-costs.

Middle East (ME) Server

The Middle East server is debuting on June 25th 2024. Qualified accounts can transfer to the ME server for 1 Blue Essence between June 25th and the 2nd of September. After that, you can transfer to the server by spending the usual 2600 RP. TFT Mobile will arrive on ME later on in the year.

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