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TFT Inkborn Fables Patch 14.8

Inkborn Fables has received its second update! Read on to learn about all the changes that have gone live earlier this week in Teamfight Tactics.

 In a Nutshell ‎ 

In a nutshell, you should be seeing a lot less Heavenly Reroll comps with Yone carries - which is a great plus! Instead, gear up to see more Dryad comps, as Gnar has received a hefty buff and Ornn has gotten tankier. In fact, all 4 and 5-cost units have received Health buffs, which also meant that Giant Slayer needed a slight nerf.

Most of the Inkshadow items have been nerfed, and Kayle will be less powerful at earlier levels now. The Exalted trait will now make your team deal even more damage, so it's a good time to test this wildcard trait out.

Everything Must Go was around for just one patch, but Riot deemed it too overpowered to remain. It has been disabled for now, while Riot thinks of a way to make the idea work.

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 New Tacticians ‎

Chibi Yone and Chibi Spirit Blossom Yone are now available. You can purchase Chibi Yone from the store directly for 1900 RP and also acquire his signature Boom - Fated Seal.  Chibi Spirit Blossom Yone is available via Treasure Realms as Star Content until Patch 14.10. The Spirit Blossom chibi comes with its own cinematic finisher.

 System Changes ‎

Player Damage

Player Damage has been simplified. From now on, each surviving enemy unit counts as one damage, regardless of how many there are, and base-stage damage is the only variable to worry about.

  • Stage Player Damage: 0/0/3/5/7/9/15/150 ⇒ 0/2/5/7/9/11/17/150

  • Surviving Enemies Damage: 2/2/2/1/1/etc ⇒ 1/1/1/1/1/etc

  • Double Up Stage Player Damage: 0/0/3/4/6/9/15/150 ⇒ 0/2/5/6/8/11/17/150


A two win win or loss streak now grants 1 gold. Previously, only a streak of three of either would grant any sort of reward.

Shop Roll Odds

Three Cost Champions are dominating the meta right now, so the odds to come across them at level 7 will be slightly lowered. Your Shop Roll Odds are level 7 are now 20% for a one-cost, 33% two-cost, 36% three-cost, 10% four-cost, and 1% five-cost.

 Significant Changes ‎


DRAGONLORD / Janna, Diana, Lee Sin, Xayah/Rakan

A slight nerf to the true damage dealt by the Dragon. 5/10/12/18% > 5/10/10/15%.


The trait has been buffed to increase your team's overall damage by 5% (from 4%). The damage per level bonus increase has also improved, from 1/2.5% > 1/3%.

FATED / Ahri, Yasuo, Kindred, Aphelios, Thresh, Syndra, Sett

The Sett Omnivamp bonus has been decreased to 12% (from 15%). Syndra's damage bonus has increased by 1%.

FORTUNE / Kobuko, Teemo, Tristana, Zoe, Annie

Fortune 5's Tactician heal per round has been reduced to 2 from 3. As of the 18th of April, Fortune Stage 3 base luck as also been reduced from 3 to 2.

INKSHADOW / Jax, Aatrox, Senna, Volibear, Kai'Sa, Udyr

The Tattoo of Bombardment, Protection, and Toxin have all been nerfed. The Tattoo of Vitality has been buffed to grant more Base Health (250 > 350).

STORYWEAVER / Garen, Sivir, Riven, Zyra, Zoe, Galio, Irelia

Storyweaver 3's Kayle now deals less on hit damage (18% AP > 15% AP) and less ability damage (140% AP > 125% AP).

HEAVENLY / Kha'Zix, Malphite, Neeko, Qiyana, Soraka, Wukong

The overarching stat buff has been nerfed, from 100/115/135/165/200/240% to 100/115/135/165/200/225%.


buff / nerf / adjustment


  • Garen - Garen’s Ability’s shield is now more powerful.


  • Gnar - In a mid-patch update on the 18th of April, Gnar’s previous buff was reverted, and he now additionally gains less AD per stack of his passive.

  • Riven - Riven now has higher base AD, and gains more healing from her passive.

  • Senna - Senna's damage is going down slightly but she will now more reliably hit her targets.

  • Zyra -  Zyra's ability will now deal more damage, and her Plant's attack missile speed has been increased.

  • Teemo - Teemo’s ability damage has gone down at earlier star levels.


  • Alune - Alune's ability now deals more damage.

  • Yone - Yone's base attack speed has been slightly lowered.


  • Annie - Annie's Health has been increased.

  • Ashe -  Ashe's Health has been increased, and her Mana lowered.

  • Galio - Galio's Health has been increased.

  • Kai’Sa - Kai'Sa's Health has been increased, but her base attack speed has been slightly lowered. Kai'Sa's Ability wave damage, and amplified wave damage, have both gone down.

  • Kayn -  Kayn's Health has been increased.

  • Lee Sin - Lee Sin's Health has been increased, as well as his base AD.

  • Lillia - Lillia's Health has been increased, and her Ability will now deal more damage at early star-levels. Her Small orb's now deal less damage.

  • Morgana  -  Morgana's Health has been increased, as well as her attack speed.

  • Nautilus - Nautilus' Health has been increased, and his Mana lowered.

  • Ornn - Ornn's Health has been increased. Ornn's Ability Shield is slightly weaker now.

  • Sylas -  Sylas' Health has been increased.

  • Syndra - Syndra's Health has been increased.


  • Xayah - Xayah's Health has been increased, but her Ability's feather recall damage has been decreased at lower star levels.

  • Irelia - Irelia's auto-attacks will now target the 4 enemies closest to her rather than infiltrate the backline. However, her base AD has been increased.


  • Boiling Point now provides less Mana per attack.

  • Call to Adventure is no longer offered on 3-2.

  • Everything Must Go! has been disabled once again.

  • Fine Vintage will now take 4 turns to transform items.

  • Raid Boss will no longer be offered on 2-1.


Giant Slayer's Health threshold has been increased to 1750 rather than 1600, since most 4-costs have gotten a health buff. Titan's Resolve now grants less AP per stack. Their respective Radiant variants have also been nerfed in accordance.

 Minor Changes ‎


PORCELAIN / Lux, Amumu, Lissandra, Ashe

The attack speed buff has been decreased from 30/60/125% to 30/60/100%, as has the damage reduction, from 20/35/60% to 20/35/50%.

UMBRAL / Darius, Yorick, Alune, Yone, Sylas, Sett

The execute threshold has been increased from 10/18/18/40% to 10/18/20/45%


buff / nerf / adjustment

  • Qiyana - Attack Speed has been increased from 0.75 to 0.8.

  • Teemo - Ability damage has been lowered 420/630/1000% AP to 420/630/1050% AP.

  • Volibear - max Mana has been increased from 0/50 to 10/60.

  • Azir - Health has been increased.

  • Hwei - Health has been increased.

  • Lissandra - Health has been increased.

  • Rakan - Health has been increased.

  • Sett - Health has been increased.

  • Udyr - Health has been increased.


  • Fine Vintage (Silver) can no longer be offered with Pandora's Bench Augments

  • The Golden Remover (Silver) tooltip now explains what the item does.

  • Big Grab Bag (Gold) can no longer give 3X of the same component.

 Other Changes ‎


Vanguard, Valorant's anti-cheat engine, has come to League of Legends this patch, and, by extension, to Teamfight Tactics too. It's already live on the Philippines server, so if you're there, you can't queue up without having Vanguard on. If you're on a different server, the patch will contain a popup to check your compatibility and get ready to Vanguard. Vanguard will be enabled on all regions starting with patch 14.9.

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