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TFT Inkborn Fables Overview

Inkborn Fables, TFT's eleventh set, made its debut on the tenth of March on the PBE server. Read on to see what exciting gameplay awaits you when the set goes live on Patch 14.6!

New Champions - Alune and Kobuko

Inkborn Fables is a blend of various styles and aesthetics, generally inspired by mythology and nature, and utilising such fan-favourite skinlines as Elderwood, Spirit Blossom, Shan Hai Scrolls, and more. Sixty champions make up the new set's TFT roster, including two brand new TFT-exclusives - Alune and Kobuko. Alune should ring a bell or two, as she has long been a part of the league by virtue of her connection to her brother, Aphelios, the Weapon of the Faithful. Now she's getting a bit of the spotlight herself at long last. Kobuko, on the other hand, a jovial yordle tank, is making their first appearance overall in the Runeterra universe.

New Mechanic - Encounters

A brand new mechanic being added to Inkborn Fables is called “Encounters.” Encounters are special rounds during the game that can spice up your gameplay by granting you certain rewards or changing some aspect of the gameplay. Each match can have up to five encounters overall, but there are about 80 unique Encounters to see in total. Think of them as forks in the road during your story.

Everyone in any given match will experience the same set of Encounters, so whatever you get, you'll know your opponents are likely getting the same. The rewards from encounters can be small - one Sett Encounter can cause everyone's champions to get "bigger" - or, totally game-changing -  one Hwei Encounter causes the champion carousel to only have 5-cost units.

New Augments

Portals and Augments are sticking around, though sometimes Portals will be replaced by opening Encounters. Augments have been shuffled around, with over 100 Augments being ones you couldn't encounter in the Remix Rumble.

Silver Augments

  • Fine Vintage - Completed items left on your bench after three rounds will transform into Support Items.

  • Lunch Money - Every 8 damage you deal to enemy tacticians gives you 2 gold.

  • Over Encumbered - For the next stage, you only get 3 bench slots, but, afterwards, you'll get 3 item components.

  • Sharing is Caring - you and your opponent both gain 1 gold.

Gold Augments

  • Origin/Class Crest - Gain an Emblem unit for a random Class or Origin, and a unit that belongs to that Class or Origin. For example, you can pick up a Dragonlord Crest (and gain a Janna unit) or an Altruist Crest (and gain a Riven unit).

  • Boiling Point - Porcelains' attacks grant 5 bonus Mana and while boiling their attacks apply Burns and Wounds. Also, gain a Lux unit.

  • Call to Adventure - Every two takedowns, Storyweaver Kayle permanently gains ability power and health. Gain a Garen and Sivir unit.

  • Divine Rolls - At the start of every stage, gain 4 rerolls + 1 for each of your Heavenly champions. Gain a Kha'Zix and Malphite unit.

  • Dragon's Spirit - Gain a Dragon's Claw. Every time you heal 8000 Health with the Dragon's Claws, gain an item component, up to 4.

  • Drop Blossom! - Gain a Neeko Unit. Your strongest Neeko spell lasts 1 second longer, heals more, and deals more damage.

  • Dynamic Duo - Get a random 5 cost champion and a random champion that shares a trait with them, as well as 10 gold.

  • Enter the Dragon - After the Dragon strikes, Dragonlords deal 20% extra bonus damage, and you gain a Janna unit.

  • Epoch - At the start of each stage, gain 6 XP and 4 free rerolls for that round only.

  • Epoch+ - At the start of each stage, gain 8 XP and 4 free rerolls for that round only.

  • Ethereal Blades - Gain a Shen unit. Your strongest Shen has +3 range and deals more damage.

  • Everything Must Go - Your units buy and sell for 0 gold. You gain 1 gold.

  • Full Sleeve - Open an armory that grants an extra Inkshadow item while the trait is active. Gain a Jax and Aatrox unit.

  • Grim Harvest - Your Reapers gain Critical Strike chance and Omnivamp. They also gain this bonus againon each takedown. Gain a Kindred unit.

  • Haunted House - Enemies that died whileh haunted pass 1 extra spectre to a nearby enemy. Gain a Caitlyn and Shen unit.

  • It's Going to be Epic - Every time a unique Mythic champion becomes EPic, gain 3 player health and 3 gold. Gain a Cho'Gath and Kog'Maw unit.

  • Long Shot - Snipers gain 15% Attack Speed. After Snipers have attacked a total distance of 1000 hexes, gain Sniper's Focus. Gain a Caitlyn and Kog'Maw unit.

  • Lucky Paws -  Gain a 2-star Kobuko. Your strongest Kobuko's Ability deals 250% damage, and if they kill an enemy, gain 1 gold.

  • Lucky Ricochet - Trickshots bounce 1 additional time for 50% of the original damage.

  • Mana Shield - Whenever an Invoker casts, they grant the lowest Health ally a Shield. Gain a Janna unit.

  • Midnight Siphon - Gain a Yorick unit. Your strongest Yorick gains 25% max Health and deals more damage.

  • Mind Over Matter - Arcanists grant 250% of their combined AP as bonus Health to your Training Dummies. Gain an Ahri unit and a Training Dummy.

  • Mulched -  Every round, gain 2 Dryard stacks. Gain a Rek'Sai and Gnar unit.

  • My Heart Will Go On - When one of your Fated pair dies, your team gains 100% of the surviving one's bonus for the rest of combat. Gain an Ahri and Yasuo unit.

  • Prizefighter - After every third win, gain an item component.

  • Raid Boss - Your strongest Behemoth gains 25% more Health. They also gain resistances when other Behemoths die. Gain a Cho'Gath and Malphite unit.

  • Raining Gold - Gain 10 gold now and 1 gold every round.

  • Raining Gold+ - Gain 20 gold now and 1 gold every round.

  • ReinFOURcement - Gain 4 gold. The next 4-cost champion you buy instantly becomes a 2-star unit.

  • Scoreboard Scrapper - If you're in the bottom 4, your team gains permanent 1% increased AD and AP. If you're in the top 4, your units have 10% more Health.

  • Slammin' - Gain a Component anvil. After each player combat, if there are no items on your bench, gain 2 XP.

  • Slammin'+ - Gain a Component anvil and 12 XP. After each player combat, if there are no items on your bench, gain 2 XP.

  • Spirit Guardians - Wardens have more damage reduction. 20% of damage dealt to non-Wardens is distributed across your Wardens. Gain a Garen and Jax unit.

  • Storied Champion - Gain a 2 star Garen. Your strongest Garen's ability now grants stacking Health instead of a Shield, and he deals more damage.

  • The Road Less Travelled - Gain 1 experience. Each unique Sage champion in the middle row grants 1 experience. Gain a Zyra unit.

  • Too Much Candy - Your rerolls now cost 0 gold. Every six rerolls, their cost increases by 1. Their cost resets to 0 at the start of each stage.

  • Venerable Piggy Bank - Gain 2 Exalted Champions,a nd their Cores gain gold instead of experience.

  • Wandering Trainer I - Gain 1 Gold and a Training Dummy with 2 permanently attached Emblems.

  • Well Fed - Bruisers heal 2% of their Health every second- Gain a Kobuko and Rek'Sai unit.

  • Wrath of the Moon - Umbral champions deal more damage every second they continue attacking a singular enemy. Gain a Darius and Yorick unit.

Prismatic Augments

  • Origin/Class Crown - Gain an Emblem unit for a random Class or Origin, a unit that belongs to that Class or Origin, and a completed item. For example, you can pick up a Dragonlord Crown (and gain a Janna unit and a Guinsoo's Rageblade) or an Altruist Crown (and gain a Riven unit and a Bloodthirster).

  • Accomplice - Get a Support THief's Gloves and 8 gold.

  • At What Cost - Immediately go to level six, but you don't get to choose your future augments. Gain 1 gold.

  • Ba-BOOM - Your champions deal extra 75% damage for 2 seconds on every other cast.

  • Build a Bud! - Gain a random three star 1-cost unit, and a Completed Item.

  • Call to Chaos - Gain a random powerful reward.

  • Impenetrable Bulwark - Gain the following items: Bramble Vest, a Dragon's Claw, a Giant's Belt, and a Magnetic Remover.

  • Radiant Refactornew - Gain a Masterwork Upgrade and 1 Component Anvils. Masterwork Upgrade upgrades an item to Radiant.

  • Tiny, but Deadly - Your units are 50% smaller, but move and attack 30% faster.

  • Trash to Treasure - Reforging completed items turns them into a random Artifact. Gain a Reforger and two Component Anvils.

  • Two for One - Each round, get a copy of the first champion you buy that costs 3 or less. If your bench is full and you are in combat, instead of granting an additional copy on the board, you just get gold

  • Wandering Trainer II - Gain 6 gold and a Training Dummy with 3 permanently attached Emblems.

List of Origins

Dragonlord - Janna, Diana, Lee Sin, Rakan, Xayah

The Heavenscale skinline serves as inspiration for this origin. After eight seconds of combat, a Dragon will strike the board dealing true damage to enemies and buffing all of your units with increased Attack Speed for the rest of the combat. More Dragonlords mean more damage, and more attack speed. At 4 Dragonlords, the Dragon will also briefly stun enemies.

Dryard - Rek'Sai, Gnar, Kindred, Ornn, Azir

These five Elderwood champions should fulfil your magic damage and tanking needs. Dryads gain AP and health as their numbers grow, and their health increases as enemy units die. The amount of AP and Health scales with the number of Dryads on the board.

Fated - Ahri, Yasuo, Kindred, Aphelios, Thresh, Syndra, Sett

The Spirit Blossom skinline is used for two origins, and Fated is one of them. Hover a Fated unit over another Fated unit to form a pair and unlock a bonus. Each pair gets 20% increased HP, but this increases exponentially the more pairs you create.

Fortune - Kobuko, Teemo, Tristana, Zoe, Annie

Five Firecracker champions make up the Fortune origin - a returning favourite. A Fortune comp introduces the "Luck" mechanic. When you lose, you gain Luck, and the more you lose, the more Luck you have. You lose your Luck when you win. While lucky you can hold festivals where you can trade your Luck in for rewards, and you can heal player health at the start of each player combat.

Ghostly - Caitlyn, Aatrox, Shen, Illaoi, Kayn, Morgana

Snow Moon skins make up the Ghostly origin. Ghostly unites will send out specters to haunt nearby enemies after they have taken damage seven times. Haunted enemies take bonus damage for each spectre on them, and pass spectres on death. Additionally, Ghostly units are healed when they haunt enemies, and the healing scales with the number of Ghostly units.

Heavenly - Kha'Zix, Malphite, Neeko, Qiyana, Soraka, Wukong

Six white-and-gold champions make up the Heavenly origin. Heavenly champions grant a unique stat bonus to your whole team, which is increased by each Heavenly unit in play, and by the unit's star level. Kha'Zix grants 15% Crit Chance, Malphite grnats 8 AR/MR, Neeko grants 60 HP, Qiyaha grants 10% AD, Soraka grants 10% AP, Wukong grants 12% AS, and Emblem (a non-Heavenly champion who is given the trait) grants 3% Omnivamp.

Inkshadow - Jax, Aatrox, Senna, Volibear, Kai'Sa, Udyr

Inkshadow is a mix of different skin lines, which includes Inkshadow itself, Blood Moon, and a few re-coloured skins. Inkshadow comps gain unique items and an overall 5%+ damage bonus and damage reduction. The Inkshadow items are different each game, and you gain more the more Inkshadow units you play. For example, one Inkshadow item, called the "Tattoo of Fury," grants its wielder a 35% bonus attack damage to targets below half health, and increased attack speed on takedowns.

Mythic - Cho'Gath, Kog'Maw, Neeko, Bard, Tahm Kench, Lilia, Nautilus, Hwei

Shan Hai Scrolls is used for the Mythic origin. Mythic champions gain 10% increased Health, and 12% increased Ability Power and Attack Damage. Additionally, after 4 player combats, the units become "Epic," increasing the stat bonus by 50%. The more Mythic units on the board, the higher the stat increase percentage.

Porcelain - Lux, Amumu, Ashe, Lissandra

Porcelain champions can "boil" after casting spells. When they boil, they gain Attack Speed and take less damage for three seconds. The more units, the higher the amount of Attack Speed and reduced damage.

Storyweaver - Garen, Sivir, Riven, Zyra, Zoe, Galio, Irelia

Mostly composed of Mythmaker skins, the Storyweaver origin summons a Hero - Kayle. The more units, the more powerful Kayle is. Her Health and Ability Power scale with Storyweaever star levels, and she gains increased Attack Speed for each game stage. Additionally, you can choose different supportive effects when you obtain 3, 5, 7, and 10 Storyweavers.

Umbral - Darius, Yorick, Alune, Yone,  Sylas, Sett

Finally, the Umbral origin is based off the Akana Spirit Blossom skins. When you obtain two Umbral units, several hexes on your board will be illuminated by the moon. Placing units in the affected hexes will grant the units a Shield at the start of combat. Additionally, Umbral units in these hexes will execute low Health enemies. The shield increases as you gather units, as does the threshold for the execute.

List of Classes

Altruist - Riven, Soraka, Rakan

Altruists will heal the lower Health ally for 15% of the damage they deal - similar to a Knight's Vow. Your team will also gain scaling Armor and Magic Resist.

Arcanist - Ahri, Lux, Neeko, Illaoi, Zoe, Syndra, Lissandra

Arcanists gain scaling Ability Power and also grant scaling Ability Power to allies. Great units to use when your core unit is a magic damage dealer.

Artist - Hwei

Hwei, a legendary unit in the Inkborn Fables set, is the only unit who has this class. Hwei will paint the champion you place in a special bench slot, and you will get a 1-star copy of the champion when the work is complete.

Behemoth - Cho'Gath, Malphite, Shen, Yorick, Thresh, Ornn, Udyr

Behemoths do what their names suggest - TANK. Behemoths gain increased Armor and Magic Resistance for each fellow Behemoth on the board. Additionally, when a Behemoth dies, the nearest Behemoth gains more resistances for five seconds.

Bruiser -  Kobuko, Rek'Sai, Aatrox, Riven, Tahm Kench, Galio, Sylas

Bruisers grant their teams 100 maximum Health, while they themselves gain additional maximum Health for each Bruiser unit around. At 8 units, every three seconds, Bruisers will deal extra damage on their next attack.

Duelist - Darius, Yasuo, Qiyana, Tristana, Volibear, Lee Sin, Irelia

Duelists gain Attack Speed on each attack, which stacks up to 12 times. They gain more Attack Speed the more Duelists you have, and when you've obtained 6+ units, Duelists will also take less damage.

Great - Wukong

Wukong's unique Class - Great - causes him to grow his weapon and empower his abilities after three casts.

Invoker - Kog'Maw, Janna, Alune, Annie, Lilia, Azir

Invokers grant their fellow units Mana every three seconds. Additionally, Invokers grant other Invokers more Mana the more Invokers you have on your board.

Lovers - Rakan, Xayah

Xayah and Rakan make up one unique unit that will either be Rakan (if the unit is placed in the back two rows) or Xayah (if the unit is placed in the front two rows). Where you place the unit will determine whether you are gaining an extra Altruist or Trickshot unit, but both units belong to the Dragonlord origin. Whichever champion is not on the field will grant a bonus effect to the one that is fielded.

Reaper - Kha'Zix, Kindred, Yone, Kayn

Reapers' abilities can critically strike, and they gain 20% increased Critical Strike Chance. At 4 units, Reapers' cause enemies to bleed, dealing true damage over three seconds.

Sage - Zyra, Diana, Morgana, Wukong

When combat begins, allies in the front 2 rows gain Omnivamp, which allies in the back 2 rows gain Ability Power. The amount increases with the number of Sage units on the board.

Sniper - Caitlyn, Kog'Maw, Senna, Aphelios, Ashe

Snipers gain 1 Attack Range, increased to 2 at 6+ units. Additionally, snipers deal more damage the further their target is. The amount of bonus damage increases per Sniper unit and per hex of distance between the Sniper and their target.

Spirit Walker - Udyr

Udyr's unique Class is "Spirit Walker." The first time Udyr drops below half Health, he rages, healing to full Health, gaining increased movement speed, and switching his ability from Ram Slam to Tiger Strikes.

Trickshot - Sivir, Teemo, Bard, Kai'Sa, Xayah

Trickshot's abilities ricochet, dealing a percentage of their initial attack's damage to other units. At four units, they ricochet twice and the ricochet deals more damage.

Warden  - Garen, Jax, Gnar, Amumu, Illaoi, Nautilus, Sett

Wardens take less damage for the first ten seconds of combat. The more Wardens on the board, the more the damage is lowered.

Exalted - ???

Exalted is a unique mechanic to the Inkborn Fables set. Each game, different champions will gain this class in addition to their other traits. An Exalted team gains bonus damage based on your level, and after combat, Exalted units store XP in a "Soul Core" which you can sell to claim XP. This is a little trickier to run than standard comps, since you'll need to adapt your comp each game depending on which champions are randomly assigned the class.

This was a list of all the upcoming augments, origins, classes, and mechanics that are coming with the Inkborn Fables TFT set. Stay tuned for some tips, tricks, and team comp ideas, and try the set out yourself on PBE until the 20th of March!

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