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Home // News // Teamfight Tactics 13.16 B Hotfix Patch – Prepare for the Mid-Set Finale

Teamfight Tactics 13.16 B Hotfix Patch – Prepare for the Mid-Set Finale

The unkillable Shen got nerfs (to its shields), and a few OP traits plus augments (Demacia and Transfusion) too. This patch will be the Mid-Set Finale one, so learn the details here before it starts today.

After just a few days of the patch going live, TFT team already announced the possibility of a B patch.

Well... we just got it very recently.

To be even more clear, Riot Mortdog admittedly explained that these changes are aimed at balancing things ahead of the NA Mid-Set Finale Runeterra.

Mid-Set Finale

Mid-Set Finale starts today

Make sure to tune in from Aug 25th to Aug 27th to find out who will be crowned as the NA champion for the first part of this set.

Now jumping into the changes.

Unit changes - No more Shen

Mid-Set Finale

Shen shields+Targon+Bastion made it unkillable

Shen was dominating too many lobbies as the main frontline, especially in Bastion Aphelios setups where he was buying too much time for the Deadeye 4-cost to scale and win the majority of games.

To not render him useless, they only nerfed his shield numbers, especially in his two-star version. So expect him to be strong but not as game-deciding.

Traits getting changes are Demacia, Piltover, and Gunner

Garen along with Demacia is one of the comps that have significantly risen in power this TFT Patch 13.16, so instead of nerfing Garen, they lowered the resistances of 7 Demacias to control this power spike.

The Piltover cashout was too reliable and strong at 3-5 and 3-6 (rounds), so they improved numbers in the +10 loss streak while nerfing 8-9 loss streaks.

The last trait being addressed is Gunner. They improved the AD per stack in the 4 and 6 Gunner thresholds. This change is going to significantly help Gunner Zeri, which frankly has not been performing very well.

Also, it can help out the Tristana Reroll comp for you one-star reroll fans.

Augments – Transfusion is being nerfed

The Transfusion augment was too much of an insane option when playing Aphelios comps, or even Shurima Azir with Strategist, so before it goes rampant and dominate the entirety of the Mid-Set Finale they nerfed its numbers at little bit.

Last but not least, many of the overtuned augments got balanced, a little to much in some cases. Examples of these: Know Your Enemy amp damage got lowered by a lot, and the Social Distance bonuses got weaker in the Gold and Prismatic version. Below is the complete list of changes. Make sure to look out for the augments ones.


  • Shen
  • Ally Shield: 275/350/2000 >>> 225/275/1500


  • Demacia
  • Resistances: 5/30/50/100 >>> 5/30/40/100
  • Piltover
  • Reduced the value for 8-9 loss cashouts. Slightly reduced the value for 7 loss cashouts Gunner
  • AD Per Stack: 6/12/24% >>> 6/14/26%


  • Know Your Enemy
  • Base Damage Amp: 15% >>> 12%
  • Petricite Shackles
  • Empowered Damage Amp: 30% >>> 22%
  • Social Distancing
  • AD & AP: 12/20/30 >>> 12/18/25
  • Transfusion
  • Base Health: 20/80/100 >>> 20/40/50

Bug Fixes

  • Two Healthy and Three's a Crowd now grant their Health bonuses on away boards

For further details, you can check the official Teamfight Tactics Website. To find out more on TFT/League-related information you can check our News site.

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